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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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No Sonny, Jason or Claudia. Woohoo!


I'm not sure how I feel about nuMolly. She's cute, but she almost seems too old. She certainly could pass as Alexis' daughter, so kudos to the casting department.

I'm glad Alexis finally told Kristina to stop being so lippy and to respect her as her mother.

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Why is everyone in this town stupidly allowing a teenage boy with no license to drive? Is desperation for love that big a deal? Considering what happened with Jason, Edward should have known better.

Did it creep anyone else when Michael made the comment that Morgan was in the passenger seat, just like Jason was? The way Drew Garrettdelivered that line was a bit weird.

Why is Robin asking for Toussaint's help when her uncle is the police commissioner? It seemed rather contrived to get scenes for Billy Dee Williams.

I hated Maxie's hair today. I really, really, really hope that Spinelli isn't the loser singer that they are foreshadowing him to be. Please let him open his mouth and have rainbows come flying out because if that boy racks up one more thing he's bad at and gets all pouty because he sucked in front of his precious Maximista, I'm going to have to hurt someone.

I still find JOlivia steaming!