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DAYS May be Improving, but Ken Corday is Still a Blithering Idiot

Memo to Days of Our Lives' publicity team. Put a muzzle on your figure head. Althought DAYS has been getting better these last few months— thanks, we hear, to the vision of  co-excutive producer Gary Tomlin, along with co-head writer Chris Whitesell's ability to make up for Dena Hackley's shortcomings—every single time Corday opens his yap to insult his own show's fans it only confirms what a complete and utter tool Corday really is. Here's what the Soap Opera Slayer had to say to disgruntled fans of the two most popular couples in DAYS history— John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla— in this week's Soap Opera Digest:

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"For the ardent John and Marlena and Patch and Kayla fans, great, you can still see them at their luncheons,. That was then, this is now."

Wow, just wow. Forgive me if my memory is a bit rusty, but I don't remember Coca-Cola telling beverage lovers who didn't dig New Coke to get over it. Un-be-lievable. Yeah, this bozo wants to keep his show on the air! I guess DAYS recent ratings successes have gone to Corday's head.

Whatever DAYS' clothing-deprived emporer may feel about his soap's former actors (Didn't he previously go on and on about how much he adored Drake, Dee and the rest, and how it pained him to have to fire them?), you would think he would show more respect for their fans, you know, the people who have helped keep his golf club membership dues paid up on and off  for the past two and a half decades since those couples were formed in mid-to-late 80's .

While I readily admit Bo and Hope (Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso) have always been my favorite soap couple—with Santa Barbara's  Cruz and Eden a close second— and am selfishly grateful Bope survived the Great DAYS Veteran Massacre of 08-09, and that I'm more than a little bit excited about the return of one of DAYS' most beloved, tragic soap heroines, Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell)—the only woman to ever give Hope a run for her Fancy Face in my opinion—supporting DAYS would be so mucheasier if Ken Corday would just STFU! Why not let Tomlin give the interviews? We all know he's the one doing all the work.