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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Where are Sonny’s guards? Kristina was sitting alone outside and along comes a strange man. Granted, we know it’s only Dominic, but he could have hurt her. Along comes Molly, then it’s just the two girls and Dominic until he leaves. No guards, no Viola.


Speaking of Dominic, I like him and all, but I can’t concentrate during his scenes because I’m too busy staring at him trying to picture him young enough to be the son of who he’s the son of. (I don’t want to give too much away to those that are still unspoiled). I know actors play younger all the time. An example would be Bradford Anderson, who is 29 but playing Spinelli as a guy in his young 20's. Somehow it works for him, but with Dominic, not so much. I think they should keep him as a thirtyish guy who’s here to foil SaSon and not make him the “kid” he’s supposed to be.

I love on soaps how someone standing eleventy feet away from people discussing them can hear every word. Andrea was down the hall by the elevator, Patrick and Robin were not talking much louder than a whisper, really, and yet, she hears everything.

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