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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.07.09


RUMORS, RUMORS, RUMORS… what should a GH fan believe? Better yet, what should a Greg Vaughan fan believe? RUMORS have said the actor was put on recurring status months ago despite some saying that simply wasn’t true. NOW we’re seeing more RUMORS that Lucky MAY be heading out of Port Charles. Is this to help his “brother” Ethan find their wayward father Luke? Or is there more behind this story? Of course with the POSSIBILTY of Lucky’s exit/time out, there is much SPECULATION on what this means for LL2, Elizabeth and Cam and Jake. Will there be a Nikolas-Elizabeth pairing? Will Jason spend more time with his son? Will there be danger ahead?

Speaking of Nikolas and Elizabeth… I said I’d rather them than a LL2 re-do but I’m not 100% sold on them as a pairing. RUMORS say Nikolas starts to realize that Rebecca isn’t Emily and questions her actions. He SHOULD share his reservations with Elizabeth who is determined to expose Rebecca for the liar she is.

Dominic/Dante… from now on I’m just going to call him Dante. That’s who he is, there’s really no point in calling him Dominic. There’s a scene coming up with Dante and Jason at the Penthouse. So what’s going on with Jason and Dante? Well with Dante getting a job with the organization he’ll have to answer to Jason who doesn’t really like him too much. Will we see them working together? I’d rather see Jason and Johnny teaming up.

A doc with a broken finger? Who’s breaking the digit? RUMOR has it that Matt MAY be stepping up.

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Is Johnny falling hard for Olivia? Will he lose her to Sonny? What will happen between Sonny and Olivia when the truth comes out? RUMOR has it Sonny and Olivia smooch but will he cry betrayal when he learns she’s kept his son away from him? After the above mentioned smooch, Olivia MAY be protesting a little too much. She swears she’ll never go to bed with Sonny, ever again.

Jason-Sam…It looks like Kelly Monaco got to keep some of the costumes from PEEPshow. It’s a bum ankle that has Jason giving her a lift. Will Jason and Sam find themselves stranded? RUMORS say yes and they have Dante to thank for that.


Michael and Kristina… Will there be more fighting? It looks like Michael’s duel with Kristina’s friend Kiefer isn’t over. SPOILERS say Kristina MAY be fighting off Kiefer’s advances. Will Michael save the day?


Accident… We have a murdered mistress and a political scandal but I keep hearing about this accident. Is it Kristina and Michael in a hit and run that sends the siblings on the run? Remember those OLD RUMORS that Claudia is the one hit by the car? Those COULD be true and Kiefer MAY know that the Corinthos siblings were behind the wheel. Will he taunt them with what he knows? Will Michael fess up or try to cover it up? Will it be too late to fess up when Sonny as his typical self thinks its mob related and is already retaliating before he gets the facts? SPOILER or FANFIC… IF Claudia is the one hit, RUMOR has it she’ll be rushed to GH and as they fight to save the baby, Sonny learns it’s his baby. Michael is insulted and Sonny isn’t happy.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Will Kristina learn about Sam bedding their step-father? What’s up with Mercedes? Is Steve Burton negotiating more time off and a shorter work week? Will Lulu and Dante be the next pairing? Rebecca and Ethan’s scam MAY be up soon but what about all those Helena RUMORS? Dante as a bodyguard? Who’s? Kristina or Claudia’s? Will Sonny and Olivia have more than just one kiss? RUMOR has it a phone call about an accident stops the old flames from taking it any further. Will Dante take off after his siblings in an attempt to prove something to Sonny? CarJax finally gets their new house. Claudia takes a paternity test and its Sonny’s baby. Will Claudia confront Olivia when she figures out that Dominic is Dante and Dante is Sonny’s son? Will Alexis be arrested?