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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.08.09


What about Kate? Have they forgotten about the fashionista? I know her fans haven’t forgotten about her. Apparently she’s still on vacation and as I’ve mentioned already, one THEORY is that Kate MAY never return to PC. It’s POSSIBLE that she will call and say she’s not coming back. What does that mean for Crimson? A RUMOR has Jax asking Olivia to step in and run the mag temporarily. Another SPOILER says that Kate has a surprise for Maxie. Is the surprise that she’s not coming back? I think Carly would be the better fit to become Editor in Chief.

Who killed Brianna Hughes? The Mayor didn’t do it and Robin suspects the jealous wife. The GOSSIP says that while they originally planned to have Andrea be the killer, it MAY be changed due to Martha Byrne’s success with the fans. Mercedes’ name continues to pop up in conjunction with this storyline. Could the nanny have something to do with it? Andrea wants to take the heat off her and starts to frame Alexis with some incriminating emails. Eventually, Alexis is cleared and the real killer is exposed.

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Claudia and Sonny… With JOlivia a smash hit and RUMORS that there MAY be a triangle in the works (Claudia-Sonny-Olivia) where are they going with all this because it doesn’t seem that TPTB are listening to the fans on this one. There’s a Sonny-Olivia kiss coming and then another smooch fest that almost leads to more. A phone call about the accident has them stopping in their tracks. Claudia’s hit and RUMORS have said one of Sonny’s kids is behind the wheel. Is it Michael or Kristina who ran down their step-mom? Will Kiefer keep their secret? Is this what sends them on the run? I know the kid has brain damage but he has memories. Shouldn’t Michael remember what happened the last time he was involved with hurting his father’s lady?

Sebastian Roche tweeted: there's going to be some crazy action on GH to come! What’s Jerry up to this time?

Elizabeth wants to expose Rebecca for the con woman that she is. Sure she’s Emily’s twin but she’s not here to make nice with her long lost twin’s loved ones. She’s here to scam them as a way to pay back Emily for getting the better life. I can’t get into this story at all. The pairing of Nikolas and Rebecca bores me to tears and you all know how I feel about Ethan. Something has to give in this story. Will Ethan be the one to give Elizabeth the info she needs? What will Nikolas do IF and WHEN he finds out the truth? Will Ethan’s involvement only piss Lucky off more? Remember RUMORS have the brothers hitting the road in search of Luke.

CRAZY RUMOR that someone is presumed dead. Who could it be? More RANDOM and CRAZY… Claudia and Baby are in danger. Will Dante have a working proposition for Claudia? Don’t forget about the other pregnant lady, Carly passes out again. This show drives me batty with how they write pregnancies. Remember, there’s still that other newbie coming. Ronnie is said to be in on the mob action. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY RUMOR that Emma Drake is in some danger and she MAY be kidnapped! Is this where Mercedes fits in? Except for the clearing out of the Zaccharra soldiers, we haven’t had a mob threat in a while. Is that about to change?