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Forbes March: Mason Isn't "Embarrassed"

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In a new interview at Michael Fairman Soaps ex-One Life to Live star Forbes March talks about his upcoming role and debut on As the World Turns as Noah's college advisor Mason.


MICHAEL: What do we know about Mason? We know he is gay, but what is his emotional make-up? Good guy? Bad guy?

FORBES: I am always hesitant to answer that because those decisions are usually dictated by plot. I come up with my own version of the character, but it’s one of the challenges in working in daytime. You have to be very open to changing your character when the plot dictates that you were wrong. I imagine Mason to be very worldly. He has been around. He knows things. He has a high level of confidence. I imagine him as not a soap opera villain, but I am not playing him as a soap opera good guy, although they are pushing me that way. I would like to play him as kind of a pragmatist, and none of the BS, and the fact that he is gay does not define him. He is confident enough in himself without having any arrogance. He is squared and truly not afraid of who he is. This is who he is. Mason does not over compensate because of it. He is not embarrassed about it, and he is like, “So, let’s get on with it."

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