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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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So, we're supposed to believe that Andrea Floyd managed to get into Alexis' email account and made up a bunch of emails? I'm assuming that they aren't all dated today, which means she'd have to have dated them in the past in order to make it look like Alexis has been "stalking" the mayor for awhile. So, how does one do that, if they're name isn't Damian "Jackal of the internet" Spinelli? Also, wouldn't the mayor wonder why he's suddenly receiving a bunch of emails from Alexis? The premise, with Andrea confronting Alexis at the Metro Court restaurant in front of Scrubs, was interesting and would have been a very well thought out plan on the part of Andrea, but the whole email part of it stalled the story for me.


Dante and Momma Olivia: I'm still not buying the age thing. It was even worse with them sitting side by side on the couch. Maybe it's because he's a pretty beefy guy, but he does not look young enough to be her son, nor does she look old enough to be his mother. Even if she was 16 when she had him and she's 40 now, that would make him 24 and I just don't see a 24 year-old when I look at him. They should have made him her overprotective brother, who's come to town to check up on her. Also, they had some strange chemistry between them and I could actually picture them as a couple.

Does Dante suspect that Sonny is his daddy? Why is he suddenly so interested in joining the Corinthos/Morgan party? So much so that he's spying on Sonny in his living room? It is totally bogus that neither Claudia nor Sonny saw him standing right outside the door.

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I thought that the temporary license that Carly got Michael was only a learner's permit and that he still needs the "real" thing before he can drive off of the Q property? How is it that he was able to drive over to Kristina's with it?

What exactly is Spinelli supposed to do with his magical microphone? I thought it was supposed to teach him to to sing better, not mask the horrible way that he does sing. Is he going to use it on karaoke night? Otherwise, it really serves no purpose. Also, I'm annoyed that he can't do his job as a PI because he's so involved with wooing Maxie.

Where is Matt?