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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.09.09


Spixie Loving… I’ve been sold on this pairing for a while now even though I thought JoMax was smoking. My hesitation has always been that I just didn’t see TPTB committing to Spixie. Well it SEEMS they are and I couldn’t be happier. Now, we all know that Guza loves to have at least one couple that is angst ridden on this show. This COULD be Spixie. They APPEAR to be on the right track however every road has a few bumps along the way. Spin has a “proposal” for Maxie and she’s just not sure what to do about it. SPOILERS say it’s “that” kind of proposal and The Jackal turns to his master for assistance. It looks like a romantic rooftop scene is set for the big question with Spinelli dropping the ring off the roof.

So many of you have said you’re bored with Rebecca, Ethan, Nikolas and this whole mess. How would you write them out of this terrible storyline? What’s coming up? Ethan’s a jealous lover but he’s also a jilted con who at least wants his piece of the pie. Will Ethan confront Nikolas? Over what? Will Ethan make an adjustment to the plan?

Dante wants in… and apparently he knows he’s got get past Jason first. He wants Sonny’s right hand man to trust him. Now, would the Jason Morgan of old trust the man that was part of a Z soldier ambush and then held Morgan, Michael and Carly at gunpoint? Remember, as of now, Dante wants to take Sonny down.

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Claudia is seeing green as well. She has plenty to hate Olivia over. Not only is Kate’s cousin sleeping with Johnny but Sonny can’t stand it and Claudia has had enough of the Bensonhurst transplant. Claudia doesn’t like Sonny spending time with Olivia, Sonny and Johnny exchange words over Olivia and Miss Olivia has plenty on her plate trying to keep Dante’s identity a secret.

So Greg Vaughan tweeted in response to the spoiler post from a couple of days ago. He said: I HAVE NOT BEEN PUT ON RECURRING STATUS!!! BUT, IT FEELS LIKE IT! HAHA Yes it does feel like it Greg, yes it does. Let me explain how I pick what is spilled. Unless it’s from a reliable source, I tend to sit on some things until I see it mentioned more. Now, there are the CRAZY RUMORS that I’ll give you guys. Those are always the most fun to comment about. In this case however, there has been a good deal of reports that Vaughan had been put on recurring. Also, a few months back the fan club president for both Greg and Rick Hearst encouraged fans to write and call in support of both actors. We all know how things ended up for Hearst. I love Greg Vaughan and the character of Lucky Spencer but for some reason he doesn’t get that same love from TPTB. Greg also tweeted: PLEASE! SPEAK YOUR MIND!! IT'S YOUR PRIVILEGE AS DEDICATED FANS, RIGHT? LET ME HEAR YOUR VOICE, AND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN?? Call in, write, email… support Greg Vaughan if you’d like to see him and Lucky more.

There was a question about the studio going dark that I did not get to yesterday. Yes the shutdown is a cost saving measure however; there has been plenty of TALK that during that time, some changes to the story COULD be made. With a lot of fans frustrated with the state of General Hospital right now as well as the dwindling ratings, I would hope they would take that time to reevaluate the direction of the show. As a long time fan, there are some major missteps occurring – at least IMO – that would be helped by some minor readjustments. Now, as a long time fan who feels I have a right to complain a bit, a major overhaul would probably help more. However, as someone who’s gotten a little more insight into this industry, I know that takes time and GH needs to start improving in the ratings department pronto.

Speaking of CRAZY RUMORS… there is all this talk about the upcoming accident. Who’s driving, who’s the victim and what’s the fallout. There have been lots of reports that Michael and Kristina go on the run after the hit and run with Kristina’s boyfriend Kiefer having some info that could do some damage to the Corinthos siblings. Is this sort of a re-do of the night Sam was hit? Remember all the possible suspects? Here’s where it gets a little crazy. There are some REPORTS, maybe FANFIC that says Kristina and Michael are not the only ones on the road that night. They say that a drunken Alexis MAY also be heading down that same stretch of road, Claudia is still the RUMORED victim but now Carly has been added to the mix. Will she be looking for something of Morgan’s on the side of the road? Who else do you think will just happen to be there that night? Here’s more of what we know… Carly finds Claudia in an overturned car and drags her out before the car goes up in smoke. Jason is suspicious of Michael who confides in Kristina that he could have been the one to run Claudia off the road. But was Kristina also out on the road that night? Carly saw the car that did it but she’s not convinced it was Michael’s car. She MAY even be the one to point the finger in Alexis’s direction. Will Carly and Sonny team up to prove their son’s innocence? Kiefer wants Kristina to clam up but when her brother is arrested (he’s Sonny’s son, he’s not in that long) will she tell Sam what she was doing the night of the accident? Alexis is ready to blame everything on Michael until Sam tells her that Kristina could be at fault.

Ingo Rademacher hasn’t taken a vacation in a while. He’s sort of a mini- Tony Geary with his vacations. There is some TALK that Jax MAY be leaving Carly once again on one of his “trips.” When Jerry heads back out, will Jax follow his brother? Does it make sense for Jax to leave a pregnant wife who is considered high risk?

RANDOM RUMORS… Is ZaCrazy telling Jason the truth? When Jason is brought in for questioning/arrested Diane asks him to stay in lock up a little longer to help boost her BFF’s image. Sonny gives “Dominic” a chance. Claudia and he fight over it which has Sonny going to Olivia’s. Is this where they kiss or is this when the kiss almost leads to more? Two steps forward and a million steps back for Claudia and Sonny. Carly gets the call from the Country Club and then calls Sonny for a little back-up. Is Carly going clairvoyant on us? RUMORS say she’ll feel that something bad is about to happen.