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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Katherine/Phillip/Jill/Cane: The Chancellor clan still are fighting mad over Phillip staging his death. Nina still remains mum on the entire situation until Billy makes a crass remark about his Lazarus brother. Nina quickly defends Phillip managing to keep the truth behind his faux death hidden. Jill picks up on Nina knowing more to the story than she's divulging. Nina bumps into Phillip later at the Chancellor's where she implores him to come clean on why he played dead. When Kay comes home from the hospital, Phillip finally confesses why he orchestrated his death.


Jill is accepting of Phillip being gay however, she's still upset her eldest son never revealed his sexuality years before. Katherine's fine with Phillip's homosexuality also, but isn't keen with faking his death and doesn't mince words with him. Jill and Kay start to point fingers with each other for Phillip pretending to be dead, when everything comes to ahead after Phillip announces he'd do it again if he had the chance. Katherine unleashes her anger over Phillip's choice and, rips him to shreds for not giving her nor the family an opportunity to deal with him being gay. Later, Cane shows up to notify Jill and Kay that he's leaving Genoa City. Right when this occurs something derails their reactions..

Phillip IV: Nina's son Phillip IV aka Chance (nicknamed from Chancellor) arrives at the Chancellor mansion after his troop is removed from Iraq. He is unaware of his father being alive, Nina decided to keep mum on the situation and wanted him to focus on his tour of duty. Having a emotional reunion with Nina, Chance becomes aware of the tension in the room. When he finds out dad is back from the dead, he will not be happy about the entire situation. Due to his military service, Chance is not about to let Phillip off the hook since he and others put their lives on the line to protect and serve. Phillip thought the ladies gave him hell for his deception, son Chance will make Phillip work for it.

After Summer wakes up from her coma, Nick decides he wants to be part of her life. Phyllis is scared Summer will be in the crossfire with Nick always coming and going again. Nick then decides he has to leave Sharon so he can work on his marriage. Nick is still in the dark about Sharon carrying his child, the duo say a heartfelt goodbye to each other. Nick still wants to be with Sharon but she wants to be with Jack since she's having "Jack's" child. When Victor's wallet is found in Sharon's room, Nick hightails it to the police station to stick up for her. Victor and Sharon remind him he needs to be committed to his marriage.

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Victor/Ashley: Ashley is still fearful of her baby's health when she has the first sonogram done. Deep down Ash's waiting for someone to say she isn't pregnant but is not getting that confirmation. Dr Taylor tells Adam he's manipulated the sonogram machine in order for a image of a baby to display which happens to be the same age as what Ashley's baby would've been. The dastardly doctor is able to pull the scam without Victor and Ashley suspecting a thing. Ashley still can't shake feeling anxious and troubled. Adam's gaslighting has taken a huge toll on Ashley making her actions unpredictable because of this, Ashley lays into Victor for his handling of everything for the past few months. Ash feels she's by herself in her thinking Estella is the culprit behind the haunting at the ranch since Victor doesn't buy its the loyal housekeeper. Ashley still firmly believes Estella's responsible and if she's not, then Adam is the guilty party and this makes Ash crack. She tells Victor to stay in one of the guestrooms (heifer's got balls!) so she can get her thoughts together. The next day, Victor proposes to Ashley as a way to alleviate her fears, Ashley accepts (yes that's the sound of me screaming "hells no!").

Victor know if he marries her, this will make her feel a bit safe while Ashley, wants to do right by her child and knows this will give her life some sort of normalcy and balance. Victor wants to tie the knot as soon as he can so Ashley decides to go through with a fast ceremony. Unfortunately for them, Adam finds out about Victor's plan and he hatches a plot that requires the purple dress Sabrina wore the night she died. Victoria swings by the ranch where she finds out about the shotgun marriage, and becomes hurt the family wasn't invited or aware of his plans. Ashley tells Victoria the wedding was at the last minute and due to Summer's hospitalization it wouldn't be right to have a big affair. She asks Victoria to stay for the event. Jack too is not happy about the wedding when he finds out and heads to the ranch to talk Ashley out of it. Victor and Jack end up in verbal attack when he bars Jack from entering the ranch.

Ashley intercedes with them both and talks with Jack about the wedding where he finally gives up on talking his baby sister out of it. Jack ends up staying for the ceremony. After the wedding, Ashley still feels uneasy about her wedding, she does want to be Victor's wife but can't help but feel a bit wary of the marriage. When the guest come up to give their best wishes for the newlyweds, Mary Jane comes up to the window dressed as Sabrina! When Ashley spots her she thinks she's actually seeing Sabrina and faints. When she comes to, she relays what she saw to Victor who starts to ponder about Ashley's mental state...

The Bardwells hire a man to get Colleen drunk. The entire thing is recorded and placed online, all part of Victor's scheme to discredit the heiress and being bumped of Newman Enterprises board.

Sucks to be Amber, Deacon frames Daniel to get arrested. Deacon blackmails Amber to sleep with him in order for Daniel to be released.

As reported earlier, she finds out she has cancer.

Chloe: She and Chance share a kiss.