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BREAKING NEWS: Is Robin Strasser Quitting One Life to Live?

To borrow from Sissy on Sordid Lives, Sweet baby Jesus! TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco just posted his Suds Report detaling dish from Robin Strasser's latest hotline message (212-414-5300) that alludes to one of daytime's biggest divas possibly quitting her signature role of One Life to Live's Dorian Lord TODAY!


Why did Strasser hint to fans she could be leaving the soap? Strasser says she is worried that ABC may make the announcement first before she does in order to spin the news. “I want to break this news to my fans and listeners first,” she states on the hotline.

As for her on-going contract negotiations, Strasser says she could not be “a partner to devaluing her own self” hinting that the take-it-or-leave-it deal ABC offered the diva was insulting. She also adds that the initial offer did not change during the course of her intense contract negotiations. As most fans already know, the team player is no stranger to paycuts, but Strasser maintains that this new deal just isn’t financially worth it for the star to continue as one of the most popular villainesses in soap history, à la Martha Byrne (Andrea, GH; ex-Lily, World Turns). 

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