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Mr. Telephone Man: How Long Will ATWT's Chris Goutman Wait Before Calling OLTL's Robin Strasser?

No matter what happens today with Robin Strasser's status at One Life to Live,  one thing going in her favor in terms of future options is the Great Casting War That's Killing Daytime. Soap opera executives don't value the veteran performers who have made their own serials wildly popular for decades, but I tell you, their trousers strain to the point of popping a button and blinding a small child, or a little person, passing by for a stroll, over the mere THOUGHT of stealing a vet from a rival soap! 


Five-will-get-you-10 As The World Turns executiveproducer Chris Goutman is just ITCHIN' himself a' loose to get on the horn with Strasser's rep and lure her over to Peapack: The Sequel, I mean Oakdale. If there is one thing about Our Boy Goutman, he values vets—not vets from As The World Turns— but vets just the same! How long you think he'll wait to call La Strasser?

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