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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I absolutely ADORE Dr. Patrick Drake and I love that Jason Thompson was playing him as very light hearted and fun during all of Jake's scenes. Although he was saying no to Robin and Coleman about singing, he was so cute about it. You just knew he'd finally get up there. As cheesy as karaoke is, I thought Scrubs singing together was cute, sweet, silly and funny like a lighthearted soap should be.


I was not happy with Maxie's insistence that Spinelli get up there and sing. If he had a panic attack about it, she should have dropped it and allowed him to back out gracefully. I did like the earlier Maxie/Matt scene however. I prefer her when she's talking normally and not Spin-silly.

Dante certainly has a large set of cojones on him, doesn't he? He walked right into Sonny's house. Granted, Sonny's an idiot who wouldn't know a good security system if it hit him in the head, but still. I'm hoping that scene with Dante and the incredibly stereotypical Italian guy (right down to the wife beater shirt) was to show us that Dante is in fact, undercover and that's why he's itching so hard to get into the Corinthos organization.

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I love how Sonny was all, "yeah Jason can sit in jail for a week", since it wasn't his claustrophobic butt on the line. Plus, doesn't he need Jason around during that week, to protect his family from strangers walking through the patio doors?

I love all things Diane/Alexis and I loved that Diane was trying so hard to help out Alexis. I also loved the incredibly brief Mac/Alexis scene. I still think those two should hook up.

I know Jason never has anything to say, but shouldn't he have called Sonny when he was released to let him know that he wouldn't be spending the week in jail before heading over to see crazy Papa Zachara?

I wasn't happy with the JOlivia scene that became all about Sonny or how she suddenly looks like she might be interested again after all these years. Couldn't JOlivia have a month of happiness first before another woman falls for the greasy little mobster?