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Strasser as B&B's Margo? GH's Dominica? DAYS' Anjelica? Y&R's Julia Newman? Relax, Just Wishful Castings

In the comments section of the Wishful Casting poll I posted about Who Should Play One Life to Live's Dorian Lord should ABC and Robin Strasser not come terms, DC reader scoboot requested I do a Wishful Casting about Strasser's possible post-OLTL prospects. Now remember, Strasser is waiting until Fronsie comes back from vacation to make any decisions about her future on OLTL, but here's what I've come up with just the same!


All My Children:

While realistically I don't believe Strasser would go to another ABC soap right away, if she were to leave OLTL, I think it would be a hoot to have her show up in Pine Valley as Delilah Needlemeyer (not a real character from the show's bible, instead derived from my carbohydrate-soaked gray matter), the long lost sister of Susan Lucci's Erica Kane. I know they've already done this scenario with the real and faux Silver Kane characters, but I think it would be fun for Strasser to play against type as a dowdy, twice-divorced, auto industry secretary from Detroit, who has just been laid off when she learns from her adopted mother that her real mom was the late Mona Kane. Mona could have had an affair just out of her teens and have given the baby to her married friend to raise. In a nod and a wink at one of Soap Operadom's most enduring myths, AMC should cast Phyllis Diller as the adoptive mother! How would Erica react to Delilah setting her sights on one Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey)?

General Hospital:

Maybe Brian Frons would be willing to dig into the cushions of his couch to find a few more extra pennies for Strasser if she were on his favorite soap General Hospital? Strasser could come on like gangbusters (sniggle) as Maria Zacchara, the beautiful, presumed dead mother of Johnny (Brandon Barash). What if Maria didn't die when Anthony shot her during his psychotic fit? Maybe Trevor Lansing had her whisked away to save her life. Claudia (Sarah Brown) would obviously hate Maria's guts, since Maria stole Anthony from Claudia's mother, who then died of a broken heart. Which brings me to my next GH Wishful Casting suggestion for Strasser...

While I sorta feel the characters of Maria and Dominica Zacchara are interchangeable, Strasser could easily pull off being the mother of Brown's Claudia. Imagine Brown adding to her next season's Emmy reel as she learns her mother didn't die of a broken heart, but instead abandoned her to be raised by a maniac. Speaking of maniacs with abandonment issues...

Ah Adela Corinthos, Sonny's (Maurice Benard) sainted mother, you know, the one who let Deke beat the crap out of her kid and lock him in closets, and later allowed her lover Trevor to take her other son, Ric (Rick Hearst) and raise him to loathe Sonny, the brother Adela chose over him. What if instead of bringing on one of the presumed dead Z wives, GH brought Strasser on as the Mother of all Mobsters? Finding out his beloved mother is still alive could trigger a relapse of Sonny's manic depression as he reflects over his effed up relationships with women. Adela coming back from the grave could cause Sonny to question his every life choice. Would he be the man he is today, had his mother not have "died"?

Another option would be for Strasser to come on board as the mother of Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero). Strasser as a scaled down, traditional Italian matriarch from Bensonhurst would be a nice change from the over-the-top Dorian, although I am sure Ma Falconeri's hatred for Sonny would be quite resemblant to Dorian Lord's feeling about a certain Llanview-based rapemancer.

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The Young and the Restless:

Anyone who listens to the CBS/DAYS podcast knows I wouldn't exactly be crushed if Strasser were to join Y&R as a replacement for Judith Chapman as Gloria Baldwell. That being said, I would rather just see Mary Jane (Stacy Haiduk) or Adam (Michael Muhney) simply kill and stuff Glo, so a recast probably wouldn't endear me to the character. The next best bet would be for Strasser to recreate the role of Victor Newman's (Eric Braeden) first wife Julia. With Meg Bennett (the original Julia) busy penning scripts for her hubby Bob Guza at GH, Strasser could gracefully slip into the role of Victor's first wife. Strasser opposite Braeden would be soapgasmic! Just think of the Soap Opera Digest covers (Sorry Roger Newcomb, no Nuke for you!). If you thought the Diva Smackdowns between Dorian and Viki (Erika Slezak) were something, consider the moment when Strasser as Julia locks eyes on Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)! How would Victor react to the First Mrs. Mustache possibly getting chummy with his arch rival Jack (Peter Bergman)? I tell you, timing really is everything though, because had Jess Walton not resigned as Jill, Strasser would have absolutely killed in that role.

The Bold and the Beautiful:

With Bill Spencer Jr. (Don Diamont) back in town, maybe it's time his father's ex-wife Margo returned to Los Angeles as well? While Days of Our Lives diva Lauren Koslow originated the role of Eric's (John McCook) one time lover and Clarke's (Daniel McVicar) first baby mama, Strasser could add a healthy dose of volume to the role. What if Margo showed up with a codicil to Bill Sr.'s will giving her one-third of the Spencer publishing empire, which she then uses to help her former flame Eric turn the tables on Bill Jr.? What if we learn Margo became pregnant during her affair with Eric all those years ago and gave the baby up for adoption? Wouldn't it be something it that baby grew up to be one Owen Knight (Brandon Beemer)?

As The World Turns:

I was only half joking about Strasser going to ATWT as the mother of Julie Pinson's Janet. I actually do think it would be cool for Janet to have a pushy mom, always trying to get Janet to step up her game to keep Carly (Maura West) out of Jack's life. If not Janet's mom, perhaps the wife of the new mob don character GH's Stuart Damon is slated to play?

Days of Our Lives:

With Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) on his way back to Salem sans his beloved Adrienne (Judi Evans), why not bring on Strasser as Anjelica Deveraux (formerly played by Jane Elliot, Shelley Taylor Morgan and Judith Chapman)? For newer DAYS viewers, Anjelica was the cougarific, former wife of crazed Senator Harper Deveraux—adoptive father of Jack (Matt Ashford)— whose affair with a young Justin produced his first born son Alexander—whom Justin raised with Adrienne. When we last saw Anjelica, she was handing off her son to be returned to Justin. A year earlier, the crafty minx had faked her and Alex's deaths. Alex was reunited with Justin and Adrienne just before the new family left for Texas. What if Anjelica returns to Salem to seek out the son she hasn't seen since he was a baby? What if she teams up with Stefano (Joe Mascolo) against the Kiriakis men, when they deny her access to her son? Strasser, Kurth, Mascolo and John Aniston, count me in!