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BREAKING NEWS: Will Y&R's Kitty Benson WALK?

SOAP SPOOF SCOOP: Another day, another drama soap fans. Sources very close to the set of CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless have revealed the amazing cat-ress who plays Kitty Benson is thisclose to walking amid tense contract negotiations!


"Kitty has had it up to her paws with Maria Arena Bell's strong arm tactics," says the mouse, er mole. "They've cut her catnip budget and are making her share a dressing room with that bitch who plays Zapato!"

Reportedly, during a rather heated round of discussions, Kitty got so mad she scratched Paul Rauch across the face.

"We're talking about one fed up pussy," says the source.

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if you are wondering how a dead cat scratched someone, like I was when I first heard this shocking story, you might want to sit down— that is if you read your computers standing up and doing a soft shoe tap like I do—according to the source, Kitty is actually alive!

"Kitty isn't really dead," says the setsider. "She is just that good of a feline thespian. She doesn't phone it in like Zapato, yet he isn't being asked to take a paycut. It's pet discrimination, pure and simple." 

Talk about the truth about cats and dogs! Y&R was reportedly planning a big story for November Sweeps to bring Kitty back from the dead after Kevin (Greg Rikaart)— dressed as the Silver Chipmunk— gives her a motivational speech,  but now that's all up in the air— or in a tree as it were— until Kitty puts her paw print on the dotted line!

 Kitty's representatives allegedly declined to negotiate possibly spinning the character off to Guiding Light for its final months when they learned the actresses on that show aren't allowed to pet their kitties. Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton, however, may make cameo appearances we hear.

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this cat-astrophe develops...