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DAYS' Patsy Pease: "Torn Souls Are Much More Interesting to Play"

In his premiere interview series for We Love Soaps, renaissance man Damon Jacobs sits down with one of the most popular soap heroines of all times, Days of Our Lives veteran Patsy Pease (ex-Kim Brady), for an in depth chat about soaps, overcoming personal demons and the importance of "the work" over ratings.


We Love Soaps: When you learned in 1984 that Kimberly was going to be a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, what was that like for you?

Patsy Pease: I was glad I wasn’t playing one of these Suzy Cream Cheese characters. I never felt comfortable playing that. What had gone against me all my life is that I looked like a cheerleader. But then I’d open my mouth and start talking and people would go [makes a shocked sound], and then, “Oh God, don’t cast her as a cheerleader, don’t cast her representing conservative right wing church people.” So I was glad! I thought, "Have her abused, have her be something that makes her a torn soul." Torn souls are much more interesting to play than someone who just had their Barbie taken when they were 8-years-old and still has resentment over it.

Fans of DAYS, or the 80's heyday of soaps in general won't wanna miss this series! After reading Parts OneTwo and Three, I can't wait for Four! Wouldn't it be great if Aunt Kim paid her nieces Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) a visit from time to time? Who knows, maybe she could bring their cousins Andrew and Jeanie with her? Sounds like it's time for a Wishful Casting...

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