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Mimi Torchin is BACK!

The Mistress of Soap Opera Criticism, Mimi Torchin, has picked up her poisoned keypad once again. Torchin, the founding editrix of Soap Opera Weekly—and an inspiration to a generation of soap fanboys-turned-journos— will be covering the final months of her beloved Guiding Light for TV Guide Canada's "The Soapgeist" (formerly Nelson Ratings). Here's a sneak peek of what Torchin has to say this week:


Bauer Barbecue, Day 2: Well, except, for the “elephant in the room” (no, I don’t mean the formerly petite Natalia’s size, but I do mean Natalia’s absence) and the missing characters I noted last week, the final Bauer barbecue was pretty satisfying. There were certainly things to enjoy and about which to wax nostalgic. It was nice to have the “Four Musketeers” back together again and with the women, in particular, having held up extremely well over time. Honestly, Beth Chamberlin has never looked more beautiful than she did on “the Fourth of July.” I know, she’s not the original Beth, but she’s the Beth I think of when I bother to think of Beth at all. I’ve always been a fan of hers, and isn’t she more like the Beth of the past these days than Judi Evans, who has become more of a character actress (and a delightful one) than a romantic heroine? The games were fun, the speeches touching and when the final glass was lifted to a declaration of “God bless Springfield and God bless America,” I felt a pang of loss for a show that I have loved and has been a part of my life for nearly 30 years.

Full Circle Side Note: When Torchin was editor of Weekly she gave TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco his first byline in the magazine's "A Reader's View" section. She was so impressed by the then-teenage Canuck soap nut she offered him an internship.   

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