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DC EXCLUSIVE: "SoaPretentious" Mockumentary Pilot Begins Filming in August

The soap opera genre may be on life support, but that isn't stopping ambitious, creative types from forging ahead with smart, fun projects associated with the industry. Friends, business partners and occasional soap actors Josh Folan and Matt Jared are busy developing a pilot for a proposed primetime sitcom spoofing soaps, tenatively titled SoaPretentious.


"SoaPretentious is about a New York-based daytime soap opera that is in danger of being cancelled ,so they decide as a last ditch effort to bring in a reality TV star to boost ratings," explains Folan, who serves up drinks as Josh, the bartender at ConFusion on All My Children, and has appeared on As The World Turns. "The reality star's film crew will be following her around on the set of the soap, breaking the fourth wall. It's like The Office, only set in the worlds of daytime and reality television." 

The lead role in SoaPretentious is inspired by the current staple of  former child stars and celebutantes splattered across the covers of the celeb weeklies and frequently dished about on gossip blogs,  says Jared who penned the script for the pilot.

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"Our lead character's name is Hopeful Dynasty," Jared says with a laugh. "She was once this huge child star, like a Mylie Cyrus or a Lindsay Lohan. Now she's more known for her screw ups, as documented on her reality show. She thinks doing the soap will make people take her seriously again as an actress and the soap needs the ratings her reality show fans bring in to stay on the air." 

One thing that Folan and Jared say will set SoaPretentious apart from other mockumentaries is the casting.

"We plan to use all current or former daytime stars for the roles of the soap stars on the soap featured in SoaPretentious,"says Jared, who has been known to mix up a mean Martini at Roadies, or the Llanview Lounge on One Life to Live, and, like Folan, has also appeared on ATWT. "Josh and I have made a lot of contacts in the New York soap opera community, thanks to appearing on so many East Coast soaps. We feel SoaPretentious is something soap stars and soap fans can get excited about."

Folan and Jared have tapped All My Children director Fritz Brekeller to shepherd the project for their NYEH Entertainment shingle. 

"Fritz knows everyone in the industry and will make sure we cover all our bases," says Folan.

Production for SoaPretentious, a joint venture from Folan's NYEH Entertainment and Jared's Sid and Nancy Productions, is set to begin in New York City in August. To see the trailer for the duo's other pilot Bad Apples, click here.