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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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And with that, my JOlivia are finished. What a waste of potential. Even though they weren't meant for happily ever after, they certainly could have gone on a little longer, especially with Dante now in the picture and Claudia losing her mind everytime she thinks of her brother and Sonny's ex. But no, everyone must be attracted to the greasy little mobster even though they have a young hottie in their back pocket. <heavy sigh>


Are we supposed to feel sorry for Claudia, because I really don't. All of this angst, she's brought on herself, so now, the constant yelling at Sonny is getting rather tedious. Why not just move out? Why not just divorce him? Why stay? I don't get why she's still sitting on that living room couch.

The karaoke thing petered out a little today. Maxie and Lulu were okay, but I got the feeling that Rebecca/Natalia wasn't really singing. There were moments in the song where she looked like she didn't even know the words. I did love that they dragged Diane up there and that she shook her booty along with the young ladies.

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I'm tired of the Spinelli anticipation. Sing or get off the pot already.

Wow, that is some bar/restaurant that Sam is undercover at. She said she was waitressing, but that didn't look like any waitress outfit I've ever seen!!

I love that Papa Z ( and mostly Bruce Weitz) can still play the wounded old man card and have Jason buy it, even though it was obvious Anthony was pulling the wool over Jason's eyes.

Does Dante not realize that Mom knows Sonny and that she might actually cross paths with him one day while visiting? How exactly does he think he's going to explain that one?