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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 07.14.09

Is Kristina behind the wheel? Will this help repair whatever is broken between Kristina and Alexis? Will we finally get a father – daughter scene with Kristina and Sonny? Sam and Jason think it was one of Sonny’s offspring that caused the accident that lands Claudia and her baby in the hospital. Kiefer’s on the scene! Kristina’s “boyfriend” is at the scene of the accident. Will he use what he knows against his girl? Will he be the one telling Kristina to keep her mouth shut even when her brother is accused of running their step-mom down?

He’s the father… or is he? Did Sonny’s super sperm strikes again? Kelly Lee says the baby is his, not Ric’s but is she covering for her patient? With Ric long gone from PC it makes more sense for the baby to be Sonny’s although I think we can all agree the last thing Sonny needs is another child. There’s still that accident coming and RUMOR has it that Claudia is enroute to Sonny to tell him he is the father. Will Claudia lose the baby? SPOILERS say that Robin and Patrick are on Claudia’s case and tell her what her options are. One RUMOR says Claudia must choose surgery or her baby. Will Sonny have regrets over his treatment of his wife?


Dominic / Dante wants in… Claudia wants him far far away and Uncle Rudy is still RUMORED to be coming to Port Chuck. The GOSSIP is that TPTB want a big name prime-time actor to play Uncle Rudy; sort of along the lines of Bruce Weitz. Will Olivia be happy when she finds out her son is working for his father? Will Johnny question Olivia’s interest in Sonny’s new hire? Are those OLD RUMORS true? Is Dante an undercover agent? Mike Corbin sighting! Mike is renting his grandson a room at Kelly’s!


Ethan wants cash and Rebecca ain’t paying up. Will Ethan go straight to the source and blow Rebecca’s scam sky high? Will Rebecca work over the Quartermaines to get Ethan off her back? Remember those RUMORS that Rebecca wouldn’t be a tenant at Wyndamere? It looks like Edward is willing to give her some cash in exchange for her residing at the Q Mansion.

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More Elizabeth? I’m happy if this one is true. RUMOR has it Elizabeth will be on more in conjunction with Nikolas’s story and there are still those pesky RUMBLINGS that a Nikolas – Elizabeth hook up is coming.

More CGI? Please, no. I know some fans like the special effects; I think it’s just another glaring example of how GH mismanages funds. RUMORS and tweets have Jerry Jacks and Jason Morgan in front of the green screen. Remember there is some TALK that Jerry sets an explosion.

Carly’s baby… With her sorority sounding ZBT condition, Carly MAY have more problems coming up. She’ll be on the side of the road the night of the accident looking for something of Morgan’s. Will she be hurt or simply a witness? She’s a witness and a savior as SPOILERS say Carly pulls Claudia out of her car before it goes BOOM! Is that all too much stress for the high risk mom? SPOILERS go on to say that Carly passes out and there are two CRAZY RUMORS out there. One says Carly is pregnant with twins and the other has Carly developing a heart condition.


Lord help me… Sonny and Olivia weren’t too bad yesterday. Thoughts? Actually, I must give some credit to TPTB and writers at GH, shocking, I know. I loved all the Jake’s scenes. The last few days of GH have been truly enjoyable.

RANDOM RUMORS… More trouble ahead for Alexis. Can Sam help her mom? Michael is arrested by Mac. Will Alexis cover up Kristina’s crime? Will Maxie turn Spinelli down? More RUMORS that Jason will be spending time with Jake. There are RUMORED scenes between Elizabeth and Nikolas that MAY shed some light on this. Diane and Max play relationship counselors to Spinelli. Claudia goes under the knife. Carly is laid up. Is Michael convinced he hit Claudia? Is the GH cast back on set?


Programming/Personal Note… First, I want to thank all of our readers who come here every day. Not just to read my spoiler posts but to DC in general. This has been an incredible ride! Unfortunately, I need to take a mini-leave of absence to attend to some of that personal stuff I’ve mentioned in the past. I’m hoping to return early August. I may pop in once in a while so be sure to check in for spoilers!