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Ted Shackelford: "Jeffrey Does Have A Moral Core"

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In an interview with TV Guide CanadaTed Shackelford discusses his The Young and the Restless character Jeffrey Bardwell, Dallas and Knots Landing, the Fisher-Baldwin family and how soaps have changed since his role on Another World.  


TVG: In his own warped way, I think Jeffrey’s a pretty loyal and nice guy deep down. Describe Jeffrey for me.

TS: Jeffrey plays chess using people in his life as pieces. [Laughs] I think he really loves Gloria and really loves hanging out with her. And the feeling is mutual because I love working and hanging out with Judith. As you can imagine, she’s a hoot to work with. We laugh and scratch a lot! Jeffrey does love Gloria but make no mistake — he’s also out for Jeffrey. And therein lies the conflict in his character. But he’d like to take Gloria along with him for the ride. Jeffrey does have a moral core to him, but I’m just not sure what it is yet. I don’t think he’d ever kill anybody, but barring that …

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