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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Cane/Lily: At the hospital, an anxious Lily waits for her diagnosis while longing for Cane. Colleen stops by to lend Lily support, where her friend confesses she still wants Cane. Olivia gives Lily the results from her test, she has cancer which devastates the entire family. Neil attempts to be strong for Lily and implores her to fight. Olivia hits her with more bad news, the treatment Lily must undergo may cause her to possibly lose her reproductive organs. She becomes distraught since she and Cane wanted to start a family and Lily may never get the chance.


Colleen informs Billy and Mac of Lily's diagnosis and asks her uncle to locate Cane. Billy shoots this down but Mac take it upon herself to search for him, where she finds Cane at the bus station. Mac tries to tell Cane Lily needs him but he denies it, still thinking she wants nothing to do with him. Mac tells him about Lily having Cancer. Cane is taken aback by this revelation and is conflicted on leaving or being by Lily's side. Mac convinces Cane to stay and offers up Billy's trailer for him to crash at. Cane declines visiting Lily feeling his appearance wouldn't help.

Meanwhile, Neil lets Lily know he'll take a leave of absence from work. This prompts her fears she may be on her last legs since Neil decided to take time from Chancellor Industries. Mac comes by with Lily's laptop and favorite movies, a suggestion Cane gave to cheer his wife up. Mac keeps mum on Cane being the one behind the the items when Lily expresses her gratitude. Later, Mac brings Cane up to speed on Lily's surgery. Billy shows up after Mac leaves, pissed at the sight of him and makes the assumption Cane's sleeping with Mac when he spots him coming out the shower. Billy kicks him out and informs Cane not to show his face around.

Olivia fills Neil and Lily in on landing the top gynecological oncologist to operate on Lily and wants to perform the procedure the same day. Lily doesn't want to have surgery so soon, she wants to have her eggs harvested before going under the knife. Olivia tells Lily she shouldn't go through with the operation since its not known what stage of the cancer Lily has. Neil and Olivia keep the heat on Lily to have the surgery. After they leave, Lily bolts in search of Cane. When she goes to Jimmy's she overhears Billy and Mac arguing about if Cane should be at the hospital. Mac thinks he's what Lily needs, while Billy thinks she doesn't. Lily interrupts them and tells Billy she really does need Cane right now, prompting him to search for him.

The youngest Chancellor is stunned to find his father alive. When he hears why he faked his death, he holds him responsible for his actions. When Chance meets his Uncle's wife, the two click right away.

Adam/Mary Jane: he decides to bid his partnership with nutty pr exec adieu, when the walls start to close in. Dr. Taylor tries to tip Victor off by recommending he, instead of Adam spend more time with Ashley. Victor decides to have Adam transferred to a halfway house. When Adam find out, he gets frantic and sets a plan in motion. He tells Mary Jane Victor wants her behind bars. Mary Jane flees and Adam uses this to advantage by tripping his ankle monitor. When the police show up, Adam claims he was running after a woman bearing Mary Jane's resemblance.

Afterwards, Ashley heralds Adam as a hero for his "efforts" to nab Mary Jane. Det. Wallace finds Mary Jane's belongings in the potting shed where Victor covers his relationship with her. Later, he Adam know he can stay at the ranch. Mary Jane starts to think of another place to camp out while the police are hot on her trails.

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Rafe/Adam: Rafe narrowly misses Heather after sleeping with Adam. Rafe realizes his new lover is still sleeping with the D.A. and Adam starts to feel guilty for involving him in his web of lies. Adam admits to Rafe he has genuine affection for Heather. He breaks up with Rafe, but he thinks Adam's just scared to come out of the closet. Adam tries to spare Rafe's feelings by making clear he was just trying to convey his feelings for him but it was done in the wrong way. When Rafe departs, Victor shows up to ask Adam if he's gay. At first, Adam thinks his father is about to bust him on one of his schemes but is a bit happy he's dodged another bullet. Adam tries to set his dad straight on his sexual orientation but Victor is adamant on his son's preference and some people know it. Adam's main concern is if Victor will see him differently and will he treat him the same, not if this will get back to Heather.

Billy: He rips Phillip a new one.

Jill: She re-writes her will.

JT: He finds himself in a difficult situation.

Nick: Once Summer makes a recovery, Nick resolves to spend more time at home.

he tries to outsmart Mary Jane.

she defends Phyllis and also tries to find out what Jack's up to.

After helping Victor out with Colleen the duo want to collect on their favor from him.

August Spoilers

Cane:  On the outs with everyone, he tries to prove himself.

Nikki: She struggles with a shocking situation