DAYS' Eric Martsolf Talks Shirtless Scenes

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Days of Our Lives hunk Eric Martsolf (Brady) talks shirtless situations with Michael Fairman for


“There have been more and more shirtless situations. Recently on-air I played strip poker with Mark Hafka [Nathan] while two girls looked on. Why were we doing this? Who cares? [Laughs] Then on another episode I walked into Victor’s living room soaking wet because… I forgot my towel! And apparently, Brady has taken up swimming. It’s great. [Laughs] John Aniston [Victor, and real life pop to Jennifer Aniston] is like, Brady, what are you doing getting water all over my couch? And I am like, Sorry, I forgot a towel, and then we start having a discussion while I am naked. It’s awesome and hilarious! "