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OLTL's Kish to Kiss Onscreen!

Set your DVRs now boys and boys and girls and girls. One Life to Live's refreshingly-organic gay couple Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) will kiss on Aug. 6, according to this week's Suds Report!


With CBS being justly criticized for the lack of physical affection between their gay couples — GL’s Otalia, Y&R’s Radam, and World Turns’ Nuke — it’s nice to see that ABC is the only network that refuses to treat their gay lovers any different from their heterosexual counterparts. On AMC, Rianca was shown making love and kissing up a storm almost every episode (Well, when she wasn’t macking on Zach, that is). Not to be outdone, Suds Report has learned that fledgling couple Kyle and Fish will indeed kiss on-screen on Aug. 6, so if you’re not watching One Gay To Love, start tuning in now. The Kish storyline is by far the most interesting story on the soap and is quickly becoming the most realistic gay coupling on daytime. Look for an exclusive interview with Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Fish) next week at

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