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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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So, I guess they're going with an abuse storyline for Kristina. It could be interesting, but I have a hard time beleiving that a teenage boy , as stupid as they can be, would pick on the daughter of the local mob boss and District attorney, who also has a highly aggressive brother. Abusers tend to pick on the weak ones with no support system, not the ones who's parents (and friends of parents) have a history with murder!


I was annoyed by all of Spinelli's plans for Maxie. I kept thinking he should slow down a minute and wonder why she didn't say yes when he first asked her. He should have remembered how she feels about marriage considering what she's told him about her mother. Having said that, at the very end, when he was waiting for her and he was all dressed up in the suit and tie, I did kind of go, "awwww". And I thought Maxie looked stunning in that blue dress.

Am I the only one who hated CarJax' new house? It just had a very cold, unfeeling feel to it. I much prefered the old one and will miss it.

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I didn't like the way Carly dealt with the Micheal issue. Granted, Kristina's boyfriend instigated the fight, but Micheal did get aggressive in public and it's not the first time. Carly should have signed the paper and been on her merry way, but instead, she calls in the goon and his goons. What message is that telling Michael?

On what planet can you get amnio results in three hours? Unless it wasn't the genetic defect portion and only the DNA portion of it that they were getting, because where I come from amnio results take at least 2 days. But then again, I wasn't trying to find out who my baby daddy was!

Loved the Alexis/Olivia scene, even though it was a little random. I like my characters to mix it up. I also liked Maxie randomly showing up at Windemere to mix it up with Nik and was sad to see that scene end. Nikolas needs someone to talk to instead of that dreary notEmily.

**I will be away on holidays next week, and will not be posting this column until the following Monday. See you all then. **