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Last Week's B&B: I Must Be Off My Meds - I Like Katie

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The aftermath of the honey fiasco was quite silly really. Pam told Stephanie that she’d been behind Donna’s gunging, but denied it to Donna, Eric and Ridge. She resigned from Forrester Creations before she could be fired, and later in the week went for a job interview at Jackie M. Hilarity ensued. (Note to B&B writers, CCed to Alley Mills: a little campiness goes a long way.) She talked about her brain tumor, she offered them lemon bars and she got the job. That probably means more Pam hi-jinks with wild animals, honey, or both, very soon.


Katie took on damage control for Forrester. Bill convinced her to have a “business dinner” with him, on the understanding that she’d put forward a case to keep the Donna-drenched-in-honey pictures off the front page. Bill made it clear that he wanted to take Eric down and get control of Forrester. She was intrigued by him and wanted to dig deeper. He was drawn to her, but warned her off getting too close. This is the stuff I love - finally, some sparks on B&B. There was a moment I thought they were gonna get fresh on his office desk. They sure beat the dead-on-arrival pistachios and mini-hoops “romance” Katie had with Nick.

Bill asked Katie to pick which image to use for the Eye On Fashion cover. She couldn’t do it, so he took things into his own hands and chose to run the supposedly controversial honey pic. He later proved he had some integrity when he showed Katie a nasty Donna/Eric article that he'd nixed.

Taylor and Ridge hit the sheets. The next day, Brooke brought RJ to see daddy Ridge, and then accused Taylor of taking advantage of a medicated, drunken Ridge. Taylor admitted that maybe she was too caught up in the moment to realise that Ridge had been high as a kite up in Big Bear.


I guess he could've been out of it on pills and booze,

but I was too busy riding him to notice.

Stephanie and Ridge urged Eric to ditch Donna from Forrester Creations, but he stuck by the twit. Eric had a masterplan to get FC back on top – he was appointing a new team. Donna took on Stephanie’s position and Marcus went from post-room to Thorne’s role as head of shipping and receiving. Steffy and Thomas took over Felicia's job, whatever that was. I’m surprised lil’ RJ wasn’t given some crayons and named head designer. Steffy reluctantly became a spokes-model for Forrester and put in a lame-ass performance at the photo-shoot. It wasn’t helped by her weirdo hairdo (or wig?) and gold Vegas outfit. This is high fashion? This is so Go Fug Yourself, Steffy Forrester:

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Oh my God, you guys, do I look

like a total dork or what?

Along with Pam, also up for a job at Jackie M was Whip. Stephanie saw his CV and her eyes lit up. She was determined to get him onboard, knowing he’d be good at the job and hoping that he’d distract Brooke until Taylor and Ridge were married. Needless to say, he got the job, and Stephanie mentioned that Brooke was single. At least we’re getting back to warring fashion houses. Could there be some fun business stories in the pipeline?

As Stephanie was scheming, Taylor was getting insecure and talking to herself in a mirror. Can she hold onto Ridge? Maybe he’s too slimy and will just slip through her fingers.


It's destiny, surely.

Brooke told Ridge that she “was wrong” to hand him over to Taylor. They smooched. Then Ridge looked like he had indigestion. What could it all mean? Which woman will get the chance to stroke his bloated ego some more? What a cliffhanger - who’ll win King Toad? Tune in next week to find out whether Taylor or Brooke wins Ridgimortis and gets crowned The Biggest Loser. Why is everyone sweet on that guy? I give up.