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The Young and the Restless: Lily Gets Devastating News!

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After a long hiatus I'm back to give you your daily Young and the Restless recap fix. There will also be a new addition at the end of every recap. Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico Benson has been all over Genoa City and has seen much. Granted her eyes are glued to be permanently open so it doesn't really give her the chance to miss anything. So every day Miss Kitty will tell you the one moment of the day that she felt stuck out the most and open it up for discussion. So enjoy the recap and then stay tuned for Miss Kitty's Moment of the Day.

Lily Gets Devastating News:

Colleen showed up at the hospital with gifts for Lily from Italy. They tred to keep it light but Lily confessed that she needed Cane with her but didn't feel he wanted anything to do with her anymore. She said how scared she was that she may be going to die and didn't think it was fair since she was just recently the happiest she'd ever been in her life.

Neil, Devon, and Olivia waited in the waiting room to hear the pathology results. Neil said he was going to take his family on vacation to Hawaii once Lily was in the clear and Devon mentioned that she'd love that. Olivia went to get the results and came back with a look on her face that wasn't promising.

Colleen offered to call Cane for Lily but she told her not to before they heard the results. Neil came in and asked Colleen to give them a few minutes. Neil sat down next to Lily and broke the news to her that the biopsy came back positive for cancer. Lily started to break down but Neil assured her they were going to fight this and they were going to win.

Olivia came in and went over the surgery and statistics with Lily. She told her there was a chance they would have to perform a complete hysterectomy and then after Lily pushed told her there was only a 45% survival rate with this type of cancer. Olivia assured her they would fight this together and then left. Colleen went to go get cofee and left Devon and Neil alone with Lily. Neil and Devon told her about the trip to Hawaii and they assured her they were the Winters family and didn't care about statistics.

Olivia found Neil in the waiting room and asked how he was doing. He said he missed Dru and Lily needed her mother right now. Neil said he never thought he would survive losing Dru but did because he saw so much of her in Lily but the thought of losing Lily he couldn't handle.

Lily, Colleen, and Devon discussed her wanting Cane to know what was going on. Devon thought it was a bad idea but Colleen said they should support Lily's wishes. Lily started to call Cane and got his voicemail so she quickly hung up and said she couldn't.

Meanwhile Cane was at the train station looking at his phone. He got up and started to leave when Mac showed up. He said if she was there to stop him it was no use. She snapped that it was not up for debate, he had to stay, because Lily needed him.

Billy's Birthday Bash Crashed by Phillip:

Billy sat in the living room opening up his birthday presents with Jill, Chloe and Delia. Mac came in and because of Chloe's coldness towards her and Billy not sticking up for her decided to leave. As she was leaving Phillip showed up at the door saying he needed to talk to Nina and Chance. Mac told him Katherine was resting and she didn't want her disturbed. He promised not to make a scene but Mac's response was, "yeah, good luck with that," before she left him to go inside. Once inside he came face to face with Billy who pulled a back and forth with him. He said he understood why Phillip took off because he did it himself, however he thought Phillip could have found a better way to do it and he'd obviously left more behind then Billy had. Cue Nina and Chance walking in. Billy told him if Phillip hurt Jill or Katherine he'd kill him but other than that he was going to keep an open mind. However he wasn't happy with who Phillip had sent in his place.

Chance and Billy caught up and Billy introduced him to Chloe who obviously started flirting with him. Jill walked Billy out and thanked him for putting forth an effort with Phillip.

Mac met up with Billy at Murphy's old trailer and he told her bought it as their own private getaway.

Nina mentioned how good Billy was with Delia and Phillip said it was amazing that she allowed him to see Delia when they weren't together anymore. In true Chloe fashion she said, "yeah well at least he didn't disappear," without batting an eye and then excused herself so they all could talk. Nina suggested that she, Chance, and Phillp go have lunch but Chance said he needed to stay and unpack for a bit. When Phillip told Chance he'd see him later Chance very coldy responded, "yes sir." Instead Nina and Phillip left to go get some lunch and Jill called someone regarding a family matter.

Billy and Mac were kissing when his phone rang. Colleen told him that Lily had Cancer and asked him if he knew where Cane was. Billy told her he wouldn't help her with that and told her to go home and take it easy. Afte they hung up he told Mac what Colleen said and Mac said if he wouldn't find Cane she would.

Jill met with Michael and told him after everything that happened she needed his help to clean up the legal ramifications of it all starting with changing her will.

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Chloe came down and ran into Chance who was very gentlemanly towards her. She quipped that he must not be related to Billy. Chloe said Chance must be wondering what the deal is with her and Billy and he told her not really. She asked about his homecoming and he said it was surprising. Chloe started asking random questions about what Chance thought about his dad and whatnot which he wasn't responding to. But finally he let her have that he just met the guy so he had no feelings for him either way.

Meanwhile at the coffee house Nina told Phillip that Chance would come around one of these days and would hear him out.

Jill told Michael that she wanted her holdings divided three ways between Billy, Phillip, and Cane. Michael told her that would end up being a probate nightmare because Billy and possibly Nina could contest that Phillip and especially Cane should get nothing. Jill said that no matter what anyone said, in her right mind, Cane would always be her son. And even though she'd probably never see him again she would always love him as such.

Mac tried reaching Cane on his phone with no luck. Billy tried to get her to stop this search but Mac insisted and left to go find him.

Chloe asked him how weird it was one minute being at war and the next sipping lemonade at the Chancellor Mansion. They cheered to welcoming him home just as Billy walked in to see them all cozy. Chloe left to take Billy up to see Delia and left Chance with a grin on his face.

Phillip said first he abandoned his kid, then made him think he was dead, then showed back up out of the blue, so is curious how Chance will react to the fact that he's gay. Nina said Phillip didn't know his son and Chance would handle it just fine. Nina said it was a huge thing him coming back to get tested to prove that Chance didn't have this life threatening disease and the rest would figure itself out.

Embrace Your Inner Chipmunk:

Kevin went to Michael with the idea to put out T-shirts for sale telling the world to "Embrace Your Inner Chipmunk." Michael didn't think they'd sell but Kevin told him about all the chipmunk fans who had been starting clubs and creating their own t-shirts. Kevin said he also wanted to do hats, coffee mugs, calendars, and maybe sell DVD's of his speeches and maybe a novelty book. Michael agreed to put up the capital and Kevin said Amber already agreed to design everything.

Kevin went to the coffee house and told Jana about marketing the idea of Embracing Your Inner Chipmunk. Jana seemed skeptical and reminded him he'd gone through hell to get the chipmunk idea. Kevin said he was going to get the sketches done because she would love them.

Kevin came back with the sketches to show Jana and asked her opinion on them but Jana said it felt like Kevin was trying to make a profit off of other people's misery. Jana said she would only be on board with this if they donated all the profits to charity and reluctantly Kevin agreed.

Coming up tomorrow....

Amber tells Daniel that he can't trust Deacon and Daniel asks her how she could know that since she just met him.

Cane tells Mac that Lily is better off without him because all he does is bring her pain and Mac blurts out that Lily has cancer.

Amber yells at Deacon to cut the bull and tell her what he wants.

Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico's Comments for the Day!


Hello my darlings! This is Miss Kitty coming to you from my ever so comfy kitty carrier that my Mistress Lady Mary Jane so graciously procurred for me. I see a lot in my travels around Genoa City but the thing that struck me today was the going ons at the Chancellor Estate. I thought I smelled smoked salmon puffs which are my absolute favorite so I headed in that direction and then saw balloons. Never one to miss a party I snuck in through the living room window and watched as I dined on some of their leftover puffs. First there was this charming man with two red cones sticking out of his head. I was disturbed for a bit wondering if he needed medical assistance but he took them off and I saw that they were hats. Ha ha my blunder but I digress. After an intriguing discussion between two men the house emptied. I was going to lap a bit of the lemonade left behind but just as I was about to do so this tall handsome, extremely polite, but a bit stiff, hunk of man came down to pour himself a glass. I genuinely thought of asking him to scratch behind my ears but then that darling Chloe appeared. I waited for her to pounce in that confident way she normally does but was shocked to find she was actually stuttering and babbling like she was actually nervous. could wonder if Billy may lose his back up booty call if he's not careful. What do you all think? Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Till next time this is Lil Miss Kitty Fantastico Benson wishing you a glorious day.