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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Adam to the Rescue..Or So They Think!

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Can Amber Get Daniel Out of This One?

Kevin went to the coffee house and filled in Jana on Daniel being arrested. They then started to worry that she may be next since she was being slated as his accomplice. Meanwhile at the jail Amber and Daniel were discussing how he was being framed. She said once she found him she'd crush him but Daniel reminded her they had to figure out who "he" was first. She flashed back to her conversation with Deacon reminding us she already knew who was behind everything. Michael walked in and said the DA was going for having his bail revoked which would put him in jail up until his trial which was scheduled for midfall. Amber said she would take care of this way before then leaving Michael and Daniel with confusion all over their faces.

Phyllis got a call from Amber who told her about Daniel being arrested again and the evidence the cops found. Amber said they didn't tell her sooner because Daniel thought she had enough to deal with. Phyllis said she would be right there and hung up. Phyllis told Nick and Nikki that Daniel was in jail and headed out to meet up with him.

Amber told Daniel Phyllis was on her way and Daniel asked Michael what their next step was. Michael said he was going to talk to Heather and try to work on her sympathies after what she put Phyllis through. Daniel got frustrated and wondered why it wasn't obvious he was being set up and now he had no way to defend himself. Amber said she was going to get him out of there but he asked her how since she knew as much as he did about who was pulling the strings.

Michael went to the coffee house and Jana asked how Daniel was doing. Michael said he'd been better but was meeting with Heather to see if they could work something out. Kevin asked if there had been any word about Jana being rearrested too. Michael said no but quipped to check behind the walls because you never know what you might find. Heather came in and Kevin brought her a cup of coffee and told her that he was fine with everything that she did with regards to his trial. After he walked away leaving Heather confused Michael approached and said he told her his brother was innocent not normal. Michael told Heather that he knew this was a set up and was as sure about that as he was about the Phyllis situation. She said she wondered how long it would take him to bring that up. He suggested the possibility of Mary Jane being involved in this one too but Heather said that was a stretch. Heather said with all the evidence piling up no judge would want to be responsible for putting an accused murderer out on the street. Michael asked her to convince the DA and Heather said she wished she had the kind of influence over the DA that everyone thought she had but she just didn't.

Phyllis showed up at the jail and told Daniel to fill her in. Daniel said the forgery showed up again at his apartment so whoever was trying to set him up obviously hadn't left town yet. He asked if Summer was home and Phyllis said she was. He asked how she was doing and Phyllis said she was fine, in their new definition of the word, except every word Summer said was a struggle. However she did say dada earlier so that was good. Daniel told Phyllis to go home but she said she was his mother too and he needed her. He told her he was fine. Then laughed a bit adding that he was fine in their new definition of the word, but told her again to go home.

Amber once again showed up at Deacon's door pounding on it until he let her in. She yelled at him that he was a complete moron putting an innocent man in jail to which he smugly responded, "ah the dulcet tones of my sweet angel." (Have I mentioned I love Deacon and he's smokin hot? Just sayin...) Deacon then quipped about Daniel's innocence since all the evidence was mounting up against him to which Amber interjected it was evidence Deacon had planted. He told her to hold that thought for a second until he could see if she was wearing a wire and started to feel her up...err...pat her down. Amber pushed him off of her and he chuckled that he'd missed this. She told him he was going to miss a lot more when he was in jail because she was going to the cops and she was going to come clean to Daniel about everything regarding her LA life. Deacon reminded her she never told anyone everything except him. Amber said Daniel would understand and forgive her but even if he didn't she would still turn Deacon in for the sheer joy of seeing him hang. She nervously added that the detective was a close friend of hers so it would be a good idea if he took off, not that it would do him any good. He nonchalantly blew that off and went to sit at his computer saying simply, "well don't let me hold you up Amber." When she didn't leave he asked her if she was still there and smirked.

Daniel started to leave and Phyllis told him not to because Summer was fine and at home with Nick. Daniel confirmed asking if Nick was back and Phyllis said yeah. Daniel asked for how long and Phyllis said Nick said it was for good. Daniel asked her if she bought that and she said with recent history absolutely not. (smart girl..) But went on to say that it didn't matter what she thought because Summer needed her dad. Phyllis then realized what Daniel was doing and told him he shouldn't be trying to cheer her up when he was the one in jail. But Daniel said at least it gave him something productive to do other then plot his revenge. Phylls asked him if he had any idea who was behind this and he said he had no idea but once he got out of there and found out he was going to give the kind of misery they'd put him through back to them ten fold.

Amber asked Deacon if he thought she was bluffing. He said he knew she'd go to the cops but he also knew they'd laugh in her face because he was far far away during faux-Aucker's murder. Amber said he wasn't smart enough to do this all himself which meant he had help which also meant he left a trail behind for her to follow and she would find it. Deacon asked her what she was going to do now, follow him around, peer in his window. Then he said if she was really good he would let her strip search him. (hell if she won't I will...but again pardon my getting sidetracked...) Amber started to leave but Deacon stopped her and told her there was another way where she got what she wanted and he got what he wanted. Amber told him he had nothing she wanted but he asked her what she would say if he told her he had rock solid evidence that would get Daniel released.

The special agent in charge of Daniel's case was asking Jana questions when Kevin came over to see what was going on. Kevin asked the agent if he had a warrant and the agent said no so Kevin told him to leave, stop harassing innocent people, and try finding the real killer.

Amber didn't believe he had anything so Deacon reminded her he lived up to his word about getting Daniel locked up and asked her if she was really willing to risk blowing him off again. Amber said all Deacon had was the painting that he was going to use to blackmail her but now that was gone and so was she. As she was leaving she heard a voice coming from Deacon's laptop talking about Daniel. She asked what it was and he said according to her it was nothing because it didn't exist. Amber listened to the whole recording which was Faux-Aucker confessing moments before his death to setting up Daniel and Daniel having nothing to do with any of it. Amber asked how he got this and he said the right question was how was she going to get it. He pulled her to him and nuzzled her ear and said she already knew the answer to that.

Amber pulled away from him and said he was insane willing to put an innocent man in prison for murder just to get her into bed. She told him it didn't make sense because he could have any woman he ever wanted. He said that was true but she was the one that got away, but not this time. He started to inch closer but Amber's phone started to ring. It was Daniel on the phone telling her that despite Michael's best efforts the judge revoked his bail. He asked her if she had anything and she looked back to see Deacon pulling down the covers on the bed and jumping onto it. She said she was still working on it but they had plenty of time because the trial wasn't until the fall. Deacon hurried over saying no no no no no. Daniel asked where she was and if she was alone. Deacon was telling her to hang up the phone and Amber tried to hold him off telling Daniel she was at Jimmy's and some idiot was arguing with the TV and hung up. She asked Deacon what he was doing and he said he forgot to tell her this was a limited time offer because tomorrow the recording would be erased, however one night with him she might just want to leave Daniel where he was.

Mary Jane is On the Run!

Phyllis and Nick brought summer home and promised to read her all her favorite books. She muttered out a word that didn't make sense and they reminded her the doctor said that would happen for awhile. Phyllis told Summer her first word was dada but Nick wasn't there to hear it but the next time she said it he would be. He thanked Phyllis for letting him come home and said they were going to be a family again. Summer looked up at him and said, "dada." Outside Paul and Nikki showed up to give them an update on the Mary Jane situation.

Back at the main house Heather was trying to console Adam on having to leave by pointing out the plus side to the situation but all Adam could see was Victor rejecting him. Heather told him she checked on the half way house he'd be going to and it was really nice. Adam didn't want to hear any of it though he just wanted her to help him out of this. She got confused wondering what could possibly make him want to stay in this house. Adam flashed back to plotting with Mary Jane but was brought back by Heather's phone. She went to take the call and Adam flashed back to the wedding and Ashley seeing Mary Jane in Sabrina's dress but thinking it was Sabrina.

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Ashley looked out the window worried and Victor asked her to please put it out of her mind. She said she wished she could but it was like one of her nightmares come to life. He said maybe they should have had the wedding elsewhere but Ashley said definately not because this was her home and she wouldn't let anyone chase her out of it. She also didn't know how Estella had snuck in and done this. Victor said they would beef up security and he was also sending Adam away. She told him that wasn't necessary but he said it was already done.

Ashley asked why Victor wanted to send Adam away and Victor told her the doctor suggested it to remove any stress from her life. Victor told her about the benefits for Adam at the half way house but Ashley asked him to reconsider for her sake.

Adam wondered how Victor could do this and Heather said he got permission from the DA. Adam started to wonder why Heather didn't stop it but she reminded him her boss wasn't happy with her after the Phyllis Newman debacle and Adam said he got it. She said she wished he didn't care how much his father thought of him and told him he'd never have to prove his worth to her. She told him she had to go and left. Ashley showed up just as Heather was leaving and told Adam she didn't agree with this decision to send him away. Ashley said she had just one more favor to ask which was if Adam would be her baby's godfather. He said it was unbelievably kind of her to ask and she said she had faith in him and once Victor saw how much he would change his mind in sending him away.

Phyllis and Nick filled Paul and Nikki in on Summer's condition but assured them she'd be fine it would just take some time. Nikki said she would do anything they needed her to do. Nick asked what they found out about Mary Jane and they said they couldn't find evidence of her existence at all. Phyllis asked why she would hurt her daughter but they didn't know. Frustrated, Paul went to see Victor to hopefully convince him to work together on this. 

Paul told Victor that all they got was that now they were looking for two people which was the woman calling herself Mary Jane and the peron who created her persona who had to be very wealthy and well connected. Victor said he didn't care where she'd been before he just wanted to know where she was now. Paul said finding out who she is would help them do that but no one seemed to know or even have heard of Mary Jane before she set foot in Genoa City. Victor said he would get his team on it and Paul shouldn't have to worry about it anymore but Paul said Summer was his fiance's granddaughter which made it his concern. Victor then suggested Paul contact is team and they work together on it. Victor suggested they hold a press conference and offer a reward for any information leading to the location of Mary Jane. Paul said that wasn't a bad idea as Adam listened in from upstairs. Adam started to take off his ankle monitor before going out the window but at the last minute decided to leave it on.

Ashley asked Paul about the press conference and then said she'd met Mary Jane several times and never noticed anything weird about her. (But come on Ash it's not like you've had the best character judgment lately. After all you just asked the guy responsible for the miscarriage you know nothing about yet to be your no longer there unborn child's godfather....but I digress...) Paul said he understood that but sociopaths could be very charming. Ashley said to hurt a child was horrible. Paul went to let Heather in and Ashley went to talk to Victor. She asked him if she could speak with him after the press conference because she'd had a really nice talk with Adam. Victor asked why Heather was there and Paul said he thought they might want to issue a joint statement with the DA's office. Victor said that wasn't necessary and went to begin. He said to the press that a few weeks ago an attempt was made on his granddaughter's life and he was asking the public to help find the woman responsible. He offered a 1 million dollar reward for any information leading to the arrest of the woman.

Adam went to Mary Jane and told her about the press conference issuing a warrant for her arrest. She asked what she was supposed to do now. Adam told her she needed to leave town but she said she couldn't leave Jack. Adam told her that after this her face would be all over the media and people would see her. Adam and Mary Jane heard sirens and she started to grab her things. Adam told her to go and he would get her things. Just as he shoved her out the door the ankle monitor went off which pleased Adam.

Nikki and Nick watched the press conference and they talked about how grateful they were to still have Summer. Nikki asked him if he was home now and he said he couldn't be anywhere else and Sharon understood that. Nikki offered to move in if they needed her to but Nick got distracted and said that reminded him of seeing Adam walking out with women's cloths and he claimed they were Ashley's. Nikki said when it came to Adam there was always more to the story. Nick asked her what she thought Adam was doing with the clothes and she just shrugged and said she had no idea.

Nikki asked what kind of clothes Adam was taking whether they were gowns or what not. Nick said they were just regular clothes. Nikki asked if Nick thought he'd recognize them again on someone like say Heather. Nick quipped that maybe this was just Adam's way of shopping, just helping himself. Nick then joked that maybe the clothes were for Adam and started laughing. Nikki told him not to laugh then said she didn't know Adam's taste in clothes but she did find him in a compromising position with his lawyer the other day. Nick's eyes bugged out and he asked if Victor knew about this. Nikki said she didn't know and Nick said he thought Victor should know.

The detective showed up and asked Victor if he was aware that Adam had left the premises. They were about to start a search for him when Adam came in and Heather asked him what happened. Adam said he was chasing after a woman with long dark hair who at first he thought was Victoria until he called out for her and she started running and said he must have run past the barrier. Ashley reminded Victor of seeing the woman with long dark hair outside the window the other night. Adam apologized for not catching her but Heather told him it was ok and asked where she was headed. He told them it looked like she was headed towards the old potting shed. The detective called off the search for Adam and put out a new APB on the woman Adam had been chasing. Heather left to show them where the potting shed was and Ashley hugged Adam thanking him. During this whole scene Victor stood stoic and suspicious.

Nick offered to be the one to tell Victor about Adam but Nikki said no because Victor would then accuse her of pitting his children against each other. Nick asked her why she didn't do it and she confessed she thought about it but wasn't sure it was the right thing to do. Nick said someone had to wake him up and said no one cared about Adam's sex life but that Adam lied like he breathed.

The detective held up Sabrina's dress and asked if anyone knew what it was. Ashley gasped and Victor said it was Sabrina's dress. Ashley then asked if it was possible that Mary Jane was behind everything and Victor said it was possible. Heather asked how she would have known about Sabrina and Paul said maybe they knew each other because they knew nothing about her real identity. The detective asked why Mary Jane would be targeting their family but everyone said they didn't know and Victor played dumb on the matter. Victor asked the detective to make sure there were no repercussions for Adam's breaking house arrest and also asked for his request to have Adam transferred withdrawn as well. Adam thanked Victor and Victor thanked him in return for protecting the family.

Mary Jane ended up in an alley scared and alone. She kept asking herself where she should go and said there was no one left now that kitty was gone. She then said Jack and said he still loved her and she didn't know what she would do without him.

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Olivia tells Lily all she has to do is sign the consent form and they'll be good to go but Lily says no.

Jack tells Sharon that they just want to protect her and she being baffled snaps asking protect her against what.

Victor tells Adam it's over and when Adam asks what is Victor responds that he knows what he's been hiding.