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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Victor/Billy: When Cane and Billy get in an argument, he lets it slip Jill appointed Billy CEO of Jabot due to Victor's blackmail. Billy's crushed at this revelation and comes to realize big brother Jack was right about Victor being a manipulative devil. Later, Billy bumps into Colleen where she talks about her drunken flash moment at Jimmy's, resulting in being kicked of the Newman Board. Billy tells Colleen he'll help her get back on the board and the duo set off to meet with Victoria and JT. Victoria lets CC know she has to give up her Newman board seat, Billy on the other hand thinks his niece should issue a statement apologizing for her actions. Victoria nixes the idea and refuses Colleen's gesture.


Billy is hell bent on exposing Victor's role in the Jabot takeover and Colleen getting screwed over. Billy finds Jill and confronts her with the truth behind him being CEO, where she cops to it all without a hint of guilt. Billy's hurt by Jill's actions and decides he doesn't want anything to do with her. After his showdown with mom Billy heads to Newman Enterprises, and interrupts the board meeting to showcase to everyone the truth behind, the Jabot takeover and Colleen being kicked off the board with Ashley in attendance. Billy has heard of Victor's reputation and doesn't realize who he's about to go up against but is ready to do battle.

Nick/Phyllis: At the tack house, Nick watches a video of his wedding to Phyllis with Summer since the little tyke enjoys it. When Phyllis comes home, she sees and becomes moved by the gesture. Big red informs her wayward husband he has to make a decision on being in her life with Summer, not constantly checking in and out. This reminds Nick of what strong and phenomenal woman Phyllis can be and what made him fall for her. Nick plants a kiss on Phyllis and pops the question.

Big red spots a woman resembling Mary Jane and chases after her hurling insults. When the woman turns to face Phyllis, she sees its not Mary Jane. The woman then starts to panic at the verbal assault she received and wants to call the police! Sharon's a witness tot he situation and explains to the freaked out woman why Phyllis attacked resulting in her being let off the hook.

Cane/Lily: After her surgery, Lily finds out the doctors gave her a hysterectomy and becomes brokenhearted by the news. Neil tries to inform her the doctors were able to harvest her eggs but she's too groggy by the medication to comprehend it all. Later, Lily asks Devon to bring Cane to the hospital. Devon fills Neil and Trya in on Lily's request and Tyra contacts Cane. The minister who married Cane and Lily comes by to check on her, telling her everything will be alright and to lean on Cane for support. She tells the minister they've separated where he implores Lily to believe in the love she and Cane have. Cane shows up and tells her the doctor harvested her eggs during the surgery. Cane brightens Lily's day more by vowing to be there for her no matter what.

Jill: She adopts Cane!

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Chloe/Chance/Nina/Phillip: The fashionista wants P3 and Nina on the cover of Restless Style with Chance. At first Chance is a bit skeptical on doing the shoot, the magazine's concept and story's all about today's American tragedy of a family blown to bits by money, sex and lies. Chance and Chloe end up sleeping together where he loses his virginity (say WHA?!) and he decides to do the cover.

He brings Little D to town.