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The Young and the Restless Tuesday's Recap: Deacon ups the Stakes!

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I have to say today made me want Lily and Cane to work things out so he could be with her. Also gotta love Deacon being a hard ass and back to being the bad boy he was so good at on The Bold and the Beautiful. But I think my favorite part of today was an inkling that maybe they were going to head down the road of reuniting JT and Colleen. If Tamin leaves I hope they recast so they can do this story the way I would love to see it. JT was right in calling Victoria out about being on her high horse when that girl has participated in her fair share of scandals so had no right to jump on Colleen for such a minor infraction. Can't wait till Colleen and JT both figure out Victor was the one behind setting her up. It seems Victor has a lot to answer for these days if any of his secrets come out. But for now enjoy Tuesday's recap....

Lily's Family and Friend's Try to Cheer Her Up:

Colleen headed out into the hall at the hospital and was met by Billy. He asked how Lily was doing and she told him she'd fill him in on the way to the gift shop to get Lily some magazines.

Neil called Katherine who told him to take all the time off he needed. Lily overheard that Neil was taking a leave of absence and asked him if he really wanted to do that since he'd only been working there for a couple of months. He said that it was what he wanted to do and didn't want her to worry about it.

Mac told Cane that it wasn't up for debate because Lily needed him. He told her that all he did was bring Lily grief but Mac said he didn't understand what was going on. He responded that Mac was the one who didn't understand because all he did was bring Lily pain. He started to walk off and Mac blurted out that Lily had cancer which stopped him in his tracks.

Neil tucked Lily back into bed at the hospital just as Colleen and Billy came in. Lily ad Billy talked about it a bit and Neil reminded her she would get through this. Lily subtley suggested Neil and Devon take off and come back later.

Cane asked Mac what the prognosis was but Mac had only limited information. She said all she knew was that Lily had Cancer and was scheduled for surgery. Mac said she wasn't trying to stick her nose in, all she knew is if she were in that position she would want all the love and support she could get. Cane said it would probably be best if he stayed away and Mac told him if he really thought that then he was a jackass. Mac went on to say that what Lily needed was her husband, to hold her the night before surgery and tell her everything would be ok. Cane said it just wasn't the right time after everything that happened but Mac told him it was time to stop trying to do the noble thing and do the right thing.

Cane said if Devon and Neil were there they wouldn't let him anywhere near Lily but Mac said knowing he was close and hadn't run away would make all the difference. Cane agreed to stay but didn't want to stay at his house because he wanted to keep a low profile. Mac suggested he stay at Murphy's old trailer but Cane reminded her that it was Billy's place and he would freak if he knew Cane was crashing there.

Colleen joked that she hoped that Lily didn't mind that she called Billy whom she dubbed the weirdo. Lily laughed and Billy said he still owed her for influencing Cane about Delia. Lily got a hurt look on her face and Billy apologized for bringing Cane up. Billy said if she needed a guy she could slap around and yell at for men being jerks then he was her guy. She thanked him and said that's exactly the type of guy she needed right now.

Billy and Colleen were making Lily laugh as Devon watched through the window. He said he was happy they were there to make her smile and to lessen the urge for her to return to the low life she married. Neil asked what he was talking about so Devon told him about Lily trying to call Cane earlier but how she'd gotten his voicemail and decided not to leave him a message. Neil asked if he was kidding and Devon said he wished he was. Neil said he was glad she hung up because even though he would do anything to put a smile on Lily's face that did not include letting Cane play with her head anymore then he already had.

Cane said he knew Mac's heart was in the right place but him staying there was only going to cause problems. She told him she'd handle Billy and that Lily needed him so nothing else mattered. Before he could argue anymore she said she should get over to the hospital to see what was going on but there was food in the fridge and clean sheets on the bed. Cane finally nodded in agreement. Mac said that she knew how hard this was going to be on him but even if Lily didn't know he was still in town it was going to make a huge difference that he was there. Before Mac left Cane said he needed her to do something for him to help lift Lily's spirits but it required her making a stop on the way to the hospital.

Colleen left so Billy and Lily talked about how they were glad they got past their stuff to be friends again. He asked her what she was thinking about and she admitted that she was thinking if the cancer had spread she figured she would feel it. Billy reminded her about Ashley and Olivia and how they got through their cancers. Lily said the difference was she didn't have a husband or baby on the way to help her get through this. Billy reminded her she did have him and Colleen though.

Neil and Devon returned to Lily's room with Mac. Mac said she heard about the procedure she was having done so she brought her some DVD's and her laptop to pass the time. Lily looked through the DVD's and saw they were all her favorites and asked her how she knew. Mac said Lily had mentioned them one night at Jimmy's. Lily said these were all the movies she and Cane used to watch together and thanked Mac because this was exactly what she needed.

Billy told Mac it was great of her to bring Lily the movies and she said it was nice to put a smile on her face. He suggested they go back to the trailer and have the dinner they planned. She said she wasn't feeling up to that tonight because seeing Lily reminded her how close she was to losing her grandma and she wanted to be with her family. Billy said that was ok and they could have their dinner tomorrow.

Lily watched one of the movies and the voice over of the movie continued as it showed Cane alone at the trailer. The scene switched back and forth from Cane at the trailer to Lily at the hospital and both were crying.

Victor's Plan Humiliates Colleen:

Colleen was on the phone with JT filling him in on Lily's condition. He asked her how her head was feeling after her night of drinking and Colleen said she gave it 3 jackhammers out of a possible 5. She went on to say how embarassed she was by her behavior and begged him not to tell anybody about it. He said he would be the soul of discretion but teased her about it all.Victoria and Victor walked in so he thanked her for the update and quickly hung up the phone. JT told Victor after he got back from lunch there was something he wanted to talk to him about then he and Victoria left.

Jeffrey and Gloria showed up at Victor's office and told him they did what he asked them to. They went into detail about hiring the guy to get Colleen drunk so she'd act unprofessionally and then how they videotaped it and put it on the internet. They told him they expected a nice bonus in their check but Victor told them they wouldn't see a nickel until the final intended result was accomplished.

Jeffrey got angry saying he should have known Victor wouldn't honor his word. He said they did what Victor asked and demanded they be paid. Victor said he wanted Colleen off the board and when that happened they would get paid but not a moment before. Gloria said they would give it a push so the board would be demanding Colleen be removed. Victor grinned and told her to do so before Gloria and Jeffrey left.

Gloria went to the coffee house and asked Kevin to help her set up an email address that was untraceable and he reluctantly agreed.

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Jeffrey and Gloria used Kevin's computer after he set up the untraceable email account and emailed the video of Colleen at the bar to all the members of the Newman Board of Directors.

JT clarified with Victor that he didn't have to investigate Colleen anymore and Victor said that was right because he would deal with Colleen another day. Right after Victor left one of the secretaries gasped at the email with the link of the video of Colleen. She, Victoria, and JT all watched it and it also showed JT pulling her down off the table to which Victoria snapped, "Where the hell did that come from?"

Colleen was in Lily's room playing a game on her phone with her when a call came through. It was Victoria who demanded Colleen meet her at the office right then.

Gloria and Jeffrey set the video of Colleen on a continuous loop and said it was only a matter of time before they got the cash Victor owed them and then left. Kevin walked past the laptop and noticed the video which seemed to amuse and shock him.

JT told Victoria that at the time it didn't seem like a big deal. Victoria, of course, freaked out and jumped on her high horse saying that he should have told her right away so they weren't blindsided since Colleen was on the board. JT told her everybody makes mistakes and asked her when she became so heartless. She told him this was a business not a sorority. JT said he wasn't asking his boss that question he was asking his wife and stormed out. Victor arrived just as he left and asked Victoria what was going on. She showed Victor the video and said she called Colleen who was on her way. Victor said that was good and they would handle it quickly.

Colleen showed up at the Newman offices and JT met her at the elevator. Colleen wanted to know what was going on because of the rude call from Victoria and now everyone staring at her. JT showed her the video and said Victoria was on the warpath and by now Victor had probably seen it. Victor met them and said he certainly had. Colleen apologized but Victoria said the damage had already been done. She went on to say she would get started on a press release to try and spin this but Victor said there was no need because what Colleen had done was grounds for dismissal and she was fired. Colleen promised it would never happen again and both JT and Victoria tried to stop him but Victor said it was done.

Deacon Ups the Stakes:

Deacon and his accomplice talked about the next step in their plan against Daniel. The accomplice asked him if he'd heard from Amber and Deacon said he hadn't but he knew how to handle her.

Amber went to the coffee house and told Jana about what happened when she ran into Deacon with Daniel at the club. Jana said she needed to take away Deacon's power and tell Daniel everything. Daniel showed up and asked what they were talking about. Amber played it off as nothing and Daniel said he was there to meet with Deacon. She told him she'd wait with him then as Daniel went to get them some coffee she told Jana she was right and she needed to tell Daniel everything.

Daniel asked Amber what she wanted to talk to him about and she said that he couldn't trust Deacon. Daniel asked why she would say that when she just met him but before she could answer Deacon showed up still pretending not to know her. Amber said that she needed to talk to him right then and Deacon said he understood why she would be skeptical of strangers right now. Amber continued to try and get Daniel to step away with her so they could talk but Deacon stopped her when he pulled out a picture of Eric, his son.

Amber was heartbroken looking at the picture of the kid she once thought of as hers. Deacon told Daniel where to find him and left. Daniel was surprised by how rude Amber was being and she looked like she was about to break down. She told him she had to meet up with Lauren and rushed off. Deacon's accomplice walked in and stared down Daniel.

Jana noticed Deacon's accomplice guy sitting alone at a table and asked Kevin if he'd taken his order but he said no.

Amber went to Deacons and pounded on the door until he let her in. When he finally did she snapped at him that it was a low blow pulling that picture out right in front of her. He laughed and said he wondered how long it would take her to show up. He asked her if she wanted a drink and she said she wasn't surprised he was drinking again. He told her it was just iced tea and he was now on the straight and narrow. He went on to say that he had a lot of time to think while he was getting sober and he realized how much he missed playing the game and how much he missed his favorite partner. She asked him what this was with him showing up out of nowhere just as Daniel was trying to prove his innocence. Deacon asked what her thing was with these good guys. She snapped at him to cut the bull and tell her what he wanted. Deacon ominously said it would be a shame if something happened to hurt Daniel's case. Amber asked him if he killed Faux-Aucker. Deacon told her he wasn't a murderer but he did have some information that could send Daniel back to jail unless she gave him what he wanted. She asked him what that was and he said it was the same thing he always wanted ever since he met her...which was her. .

Amber had a hard time believing she was the love of Deacon's life after all the women that came after her. He said that was true but last he heard Jackie had a new boy toy and the others were all women he spent all his time trying to prove he was good enough for. He said it was the same with Amber and all the men in her life who second guessed her and judged her. He asked her why such a beautiful dynamic woman would put up with that. She said she didn't want to hear it and he said he was sure she didn't. She told him it was time to move on but he reminded her that the picture he showed Daniel earlier had a whole lot of history behind it that wasn't so benign. She asked him what it would take for him to leave her and Daniel alone. He said he wanted one night alone with her then he wouldn't hurt her boyfriend. She snapped yelling that he was insane and she wouldn't give him one second, one minute, if he was the last man on Earth. He laughed and said that was the Amber he remembered as she stormed out. After she was gone he said he guessed they would have to do this the hard way and made a call to the police saying he was a concerned citizen who had some information on a crime.

Jana approached Deacon's accomplice and asked him if there was anything she could get him. He asked her if she was Jana Fisher and she said she was. He told her he heard Kevin talk and hadn't had such an easy life himself. She asked him if he was a fan and he said he was. She asked him if he wanted to meet Kevin and he said he would love to.

Jana brought over the accomplice guy who introduced himself to Kevin as Ryder. Jana mentioned Ryder was a fan of Kevin's speech and Ryder said it was an honor to be talking to him face to face.

Amber met back up with Daniel and was obviously upset. Daniel asked her what happened but she said she just needed to feel his arms around her. She flashed back to Cane advising her to come clean to Daniel about everything. She asked Daniel to make love to her but there was a knock at the door. It was the cops who said that after the tip they received they had gotten another search warrant. They busted open one of their walls and found the forged painting. Daniel said he was being set up and had no idea how that painting got there but the look on Amber's face showed she did. Cue Deacon having a drink and being very pleased with himself.

Coming up tomorrow...

Adam tells Mary Jane that Victor is at the house right now and is holding a press conference to issue a reward for her arrest which makes Mary Jane freak out.

Daniel is in jail and asks Michael how he's supposed to defend himself now.

Adam is sneaking out the window and the detective is asking Victor if he's aware that Adam has left the premises.

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