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Martha Byrne on ATWT: " I Just Don't Feel Part Of It Anymore"

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Don't expect General Hospital newbie Martha Byrne (Andrea) to be choked up about her old stomping ground. The former Asthe World Turns star (Lily 1.0) dishes with Michael Fairman on her feelings when watching the show:


MICHAEL: Is it painful to watch? Is that why you don’t check in to see your old cast mates?

MARTHA: Not painful. I just don’t feel a part of it anymore. There is so much going on there that has nothing to do with me. My friendships are my friendships, but sadly, I don’t have the connection in a way. I do check in from time to time. I speak to Michael Park (Jack) all the time, and Kelly (Emily) and John (Holden) Hensley and Paolo, and the make-up and hair department of “ATWT”. Those people are my friends. I miss that, those daily social aspects of seeing your friends. It’s like leaving to go to college. You have those relationships you leave behind. But strangely enough, they become stronger, because there is a certain appreciation for the value of those friendships when you are not there on a daily basis. Like college, you have to really keep in touch with people to maintain those friendships. I am a very social animal and it’s important to keep those relationships to me.

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