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One Life to Live Puts Kibosh on Ver Dorn Doing GL Finale

Don't look for C. Blake Marler to get her happily ever after on Guiding Light. In her latest column for New York Daily News, Carolyn Hinsey reveals One Life to Live wouldn't allow Jerry Ver Dorn (Clint) to reprise the role of Blake's presumed dead husband Ross Marler to help wrap up GL. Now OLTL, y'all know you are wrong for that! Y'all could have let Ver Dorn traipse off to Peapack for a day so one of my favorite GL couples could reunite! I know a way you can make it up to me. Hire the phenomenal Kiefer as a new love interest for Clint. Hmm, fiery red head, already based in New York, perhaps she could play Tina Lord?

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