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DC Exclusive: Patrick Muldoon Talks DAYS, Melrose Place, Breaking up Zack and Kelly and Hosting ACME Saturday Night

Circa 1992-1993 a boxer and occasional piano player from the wrong side of the tracks caught the eyes of two sisters on Days of Our Lives. The resulting triangle pitting bad seed Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) against her long-suffering older sister Carrie (Christie Clark) with one Austin Reed (Patrick Muldoon) as the prize proved to be one of the most popular storylines in the soap's history, but this wasn't the first time Muldoon was involved in a hot, television three-way. Get your minds out of the gutter, I'm talking Saturday morning TV here! In 1991 it was sleazy, college guy Jeffrey, played by Muldoon, who came between Saved By The Bell's star-crossed lovers Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen).


After leaving Salem in 1995, Muldoon found himself mixed up with another pair of soapy sibling rivals, this time on primetime's Melrose Place, where Richard Hart the nefarious, philandering, fashion designer Muldoon portrayed, romanced and later tried to kill—I guess he wasn't that into her— Jane Mancini (Josie Bissett), and did battle with Jane's snarky, kid sister Sydney (Laura Leighton).

Since leaving soaps behind, Muldoon has concentrated on movies, like the upcoming K-11, a factual pic about the section of the Los Angeles County Jail that houses celebrities and transvestites, starring Twilight's Kristen Stewart, and music—he's the lead singer of the band The Sleeping Masses. Tonight at 8 pm PT, the Renaissance Man will try his hand at sketch comedy, hosting the wildly popular ACME Saturday Night (135 N. La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90036). I caught up with Muldoon for Daytime Confidential as he was getting ready for the show.

Daytime Confidential: Soap fans know you from your roles on Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place, but tonight you're trying your hand at sketch comedy, hosting ACME Saturday Night. How did the gig come about?

Patrick Muldoon:It actually came about because Charles Riley, who used to be the publicist for NBC when I was on DAYS is the publicist for ACME. He contacted me about hosting and I said "Sure, why not?"

DC: What can you tell me about the show?

Photo by Winston Kerr


(From left to right: Kirk Diedrich, Jen Parker, Bill Kessler, Joseph  Limbaugh, Julie Wittner )

PM:The great thing about ACME is you're walking into a place filled with a bunch of talented writers. They have some amazing sketches prepared for me. I'll be playing everything from a newscaster to an Army sergeant, a lounge club singer, a redneck. It's fantastic. The scary thing is how short of an amount of time you have to get ready.

DC: Well that should be easy for you having done daytime!

PM: Oh yeah, daytime was definitely a great training ground.

DC: In addition to the sketches, you'll be performing three songs. Will it be just you, or your group The Sleeping Masses?

PM: It won't be the entire band, just myself and Neil Ives, doing stripped down, acoustic versions of a couple of our songs.We'll be performing "The Woman Is The Way" off of our second record, which is the title song for the new Jessica Biel movie Powder Blue, "Red Dress" and "Only You", and no it's not a remake of The Platters song. [Laughs]


DC: How long have you been doing music?

PM: I've been singing songs my whole life. The group has been together for about five years, swinging the axe, you know, we're finally getting it out there in the world.

DC: If you had to pick between the three: dramatic acting, comedy and music, which would be your favorite?

PM: I love comedy, thus far most of my roles have pretty much been dramatic, which is great, but comedy is my strong suit. Musically speaking I am not very well known, so I would have to say if I have to pick one, I would like to see where music takes me. We just released our first record in the U.K., "Become Everything".

DC: You're currently working on a film entitled K-11 about the section of the Los Angeles County Jail that houses transvestities, gays and celebrities. What can you say about that project?

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PM: Well, we're in pre-production. The film stars Kristen Stewart and it's a fact-based film. There really is a section of the LA jail that houses people who wouldn't survive in general population.

DC: Have you kept up with any of your DAYS costars since you left the show?

PM: Christie Clark is a dear friend of mine. I see Ali every once in a while. Jason Brooks is a really good friend. When you go through something with people for three years, they feel like family, at least from our group.

DC: Your former onscreen brother Bryan Datillo also hosted ACME Saturday Night. Did you get any pointers from him?

PM: I didn't. I saw Bryan a couple of months back actually. Maybe I should call him for some tips? [Laughs]

DC: Would you ever go back to DAYS?

PM: Well, you know, it hasn't happened yet! [Laughs] Never say never. I'd really like to see what happens musically in England, but who knows, maybe one day Austin will return to Salem?

DC: After you left DAYS you joined what was then the hottest show in primetime, FOX's Melrose Place, at the height of its popularity. You were even there for the infamous story arc where Kimberly (Marcia Cross) blew up the complex. What do you think about the CW doing an update?

PM: Oh I think it's awesome. I talked to Daphne Zuniga who played Jo on the original, and she's going back and so are Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett and Laura Leighton, all those guys.

DC: Would you reprise the role of nasty, fashion designer Richard Hart?

PM: Well, I died and was buried alive, then came back and was killed again on the original! [Laughs]

DC: So what? Sydney was ran over by a speeding car and died, but she's back, and they're gonna kill her again!

PM: Oh wow! You know, Melrose Place was always better the more outrageous it was, so why not? I would definitely come back from the dead again!

DC: So tell me the truth, of all your roles, the one Gen Y'ers still come up to you and yell at you for has to be that sleaze ball, college jerk Jeffrey who came between Zack and Kelly on Saved By The Bell?

PM: Oh my God yes! [Laughs] You know, that was so long ago, but absolutely, I still get people pointing at me and going "You, you're the guy! You did it!" Mark-Paul even brought it up when he was on Jimmy Fallon, which I thought was hysterical. He called me out.

DC: Well, you don't mess with Zack and Kelly. We Saved By The Bell fans don't play! Break a leg at ACME!

PM: Thanks so much!