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More Imaginary Conversations from TV Guide Canada

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is back with more of his Imaginary Conversations. Check out this snippet from a satirized convo between One Life to Live's Bo and his son Matthew:


At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew wheels in from school to find his dad staring at a photo of Paul Rauch longingly.

Bo: [interrupted] Hey, Matt! How was school? Did you finally split that elusive atom?

Matt: [sarcastically] You’re hilarious, old man. [Looks down at his legs] I’m still working on trying to walk. Hey, you remember Destiny’s grandmother, Sadie Gray? You know, the woman who can’t stop checking you out?

Bo: How can I forget? Yeah, of course I do. Your dad is quite the looker, you know. The old ladies can’t get enough of this package.

Matt: [rolls his eyes] Nice, dad. Real nice. Anyway, she accosted me today yapping about how you produced her favourite soap opera ever, Paternity Low, or something.

Bo: [shocked] Fraternity Row, thank you very much.

Matt: Whatever. I don’t watch soaps. They’re gay.

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