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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: "Oh, it's Nothing"

EJ and Nicole:

EJ and Nicole are in bed together after having sex. EJ wants to know what’s bothering Nicole. She insists there’s nothing wrong, but EJ doesn’t believe her. He tells her that she’s been acting very weird lately. He thinks she’s really jumpy and keeps acting like she expects someone is going to take Sydney from her and she keeps looking at her cell phone. Nicole keeps insisting it’s nothing. EJ wonders if she’s behaving this way because of what happened to Grace. Nicole tells him, that it’s because he’s obsessed with Sami and she wonders if he would have married her if he had known Sami was pregnant at the same time she was. EJ assures her that he would have and tells her he loves her. Then, they kiss.

Later, EJ dreams that Nicole is in bed holding Sydney and then transforms in to Sami holding the baby. He wakes up and sits up quickly looking startled. Nicole wakes up and asks him what’s wrong. He says nothing’s wrong and holds her, still looking a little freaked out by the dream.

Sami and Rafe:

Rafe surprises Sami with a picnic at home for them since the one they planned earlier was cut short. During their picnic, Sami remembers meeting Emily’s sister, Meredith. Rafe asks her what’s wrong and Sami says it’s nothing. He insists something’s got to her, so she tells him that she was just thinking how nothing from their past can touch them. She looks at him questioningly, and he assures her that she’s right.

Sami and Rafe’s date is interrupted by a phone call from Roman. Rafe goes to get something, while Sami talks to her father. Roman tells her that he just wanted to give an update for her on his look into Meredith and Emily’s past. He tells her that so far he just knows that Meredith’s staying at the Salem Inn. He wants to know why Sami needs this info. Rafe re-enters the room, so Sami hangs up before she can say anything more to Roman.

Later, Sami and Rafe kiss. Sami looks over at the phone and tells Rafe that she needs to go out for a bit because she forgot something of Allie’s at the pub and she needs to go get it. She heads out and Rafe starts cleaning up the stuff from the picnic. There’s a knock at the door and he goes to get it and discovers Roman at the other end. Roman comes in and asks if Sami’s there. Rafe explains that she went out to run an errand. Roman says he needs to see her and ask her some questions.

Meanwhile, Sami walks through the docks and sees Meredith. She approaches her and tells her that she’s glad she’s run into her.

Philip and Stephanie:

Stephanie shows up at the Kiriakis mansion looking for Philip. She finds him upset and he tells her about Chloe’s condition and that Daniel’s the main suspect in the poisoning. Stephanie says he doesn’t believe he would do it. Philip tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, so Stephanie tells him that she’s there to explain what happened with Melanie.

Stephanie explains that she made a mistake when she gave him back the ring and told him that she wanted nothing to do with him. Stephanie says that she sees how upset he is about Chloe. He asks her how she thinks he feels about losing her. Then, he asks her if she only cares about him when he’s miserable. She replies that the problem is that she cares about him all the time and still loves him. They lean in and almost kiss, but are interrupted by Henderson, who gives Philip Lucas’ flight information and then leaves.

Stephanie and Philip agree to just be friends. Then, they look at each other longingly for a moment and she leaves.

The Hospital:

Outside Chloe’s hospital room, Daniel looks at Kate and tells Bo and Hope that he didn’t poison Chloe but that he knows who did. He explains he think Kate did it to get back at him and Chloe for their affair. Bo and Hope start to question Kate, but she goes on the defensive and starts crying. She insists that she could never hurt Chloe after she saved Kate’s life. She claims to have just let the affair go because she didn’t want to hurt Lucas. She swears she could never do this to Chloe because of what it would do to Lucas.

Meanwhile, in another part of the hospital, Melanie and Nathan console Maggie over Chloe’s condition. Maggie warns them not to eat anything in the house because they don’t know what’s been poisoned and then leaves to make a phone call.

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Melanie apologizes to Nathan for going off to help Philip when they were supposed to goon their date and explains what happened. He accepts her apology and asks a surprised Melanie if she wants to try and go on a date again. An excited Melanie eagerly agrees.

Back outside Chloe’s room, Kate tries to reach Lucas again but keeps getting his voicemail. Then, she starts blaming Daniel again for Chloe’s poisoning, and he blames her. Maggie interrupts and says they have to be careful with how they tell Lucas about the affair because of how he reacted when she told him before the explosion. They’re surprised she told him and she explains what happened the night of the explosion and that afterwards Lucas didn’t remember anything. Bo asks if Maggie’s sure Lucas didn’t remember anything. Kate jumps to Lucas’ defense and Bo reminds her that Lucas has a history of taking matters into his own hands and uses EJ’s shooting as an example. Kate insists she knows Lucas didn’t do this and Bo thinks the only way she could be so sure of that is if she did it.

Kate can’t believe that Bo would even consider Lucas when Daniel’s the one with all the access to any drug he wants. Lexie comes out of Chloe’s room and tells them that Chloe is getting worse. She says it might help Chloe to have a family member sit with her and talk with her. Kate starts to go in and Daniel makes a fuss, begging Bo and Hope not to let her in. They assure him that the guard outside won’t let anything happen to Chloe. Kate goes in and pretends to be telling Chloe to fight but really tells her to just give up because nobody loves her and she would be doing everyone a favor.

Brady arrives at the hospital, and comforts Maggie. Then, he goes over to Bo and Hope and says he just heard a little while ago. He explains he called Chloe’s parents, Craig and Nancy, and they were shocked to hear the news about Chloe. Bo and Hope are surprised to hear that Kate didn’t call Chloe’s parents. Then, Daniel comes over and begs Brady to go in and talk to Chloe and tell her to fight and that the people who love her are pulling for. He also tells him to get Kate out of her room.

When Brady enters Chloe’s room, Kate goes back to pretending to tell Chloe to fight. Then she gets up so Brady can sit and leaves. Brady sits down and talks to Chloe and tells her to fight. He begs her to live and apologizes for letting her down. She squeezes his hand, so Brady rushes out of the room to tell everyone. Lexie explains it was probably an involuntary reflex.

Daniel begs Bo and Hope to let him see Chloe – even if it’s only for a minute. An officer interrupts them with some forensic test results and informs them that finger prints on the poison match Daniel’s. Daniel begs Bo not to arrest him as the police take him away and Kate turns away and smiles.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

An angry Rafe mutters to himself, "Dammit Sami. You said you were going to drop it about Emily."

Meredith tells Sami, "Everything changed because of him." Sami asks, "Him?" Meredith says, "Rafe Hernandez."

At the police station, Daniel tells Bo, "Okay. Okay, I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

Just a few thoughts:

Sorry, I haven’t recapped in a while, but life got a little crazy there for me. Things have calmed down for me though so recaps should be getting posted regularly now. Now let’s get on to the craziness in Salem.

Am I the only one wondering how bad this Emily secret can really be? I mean Rafe doesn’t exactly seem to be the murdering type, so I have a feeling this is going to end up being a whole much ado about nothing. It feels like this whole story is just filler until they get around to the reveal about Sydney. But, maybe I’m wrong.

Oh, and you gotta love Kate cheering on Chloe’s demise. I can’t believe Bo and Hope let her in the room. They know Kate’s history so you’d think they’d at least consider that Daniel might be right. Poor Bo and Hope caught up in silly soap opera plot logic!

Oh, and how frakking awesome is it that Vivian's coming back!!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!