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RUMOR REPORT: Is Production of All My Children MOVING to Los Angeles?

Several sources have come forward, revealing to Daytime Confidential that ABC Daytime is strongly considering moving production of All My Children to Los Angeles!


"This has been talked about for quite some time," says one source. "It would be so much cheaper to produce the show in L.A., because they can build permanent sets. That's one of the reason's it is so expensive to do shows in New York, because you have to pay the Union workers to come in and break downs sets every day."

The big question is, would New York-based ABC veterans like Susan Lucci or Michael E. Knight move to L.A.?

"The network is getting to to the point where they have to do something to keep the shows profitable, so if they lose a few stars with the move, that's a risk they are willing to take," says a second mole. "A few years back there was talk of moving One Life to Live to Florida, but the network backed off because much of the veteran cast refused to move."

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Reportedly this move would prevent ABC from having to cancel one of its three soap operas for the time being.

"That Aisha Tyler Show was definitely planned for the ABC Daytime lineup," says a source. "People at all three soaps were definitely worried, no matter what was said in the trades."

The mole is referring to the Hollywood Reporter article claiming a planned talk show vehicle for Aisha Tyler was rumored to be slated for ABC's daytime lineup, a claim ABC denied.

According to an additional source, despite recent ratings woes, ABC's flagship soap General Hospital is the safest soap on the network's lineup, because GH is the most proven brand.

"GH may be the lowest rated ABC soap right now, but historically it's the lineup's most popular soap, it will be the last one to be cancelled," says an insider. "All My Children is considered the legacy soap, even though One Life to Live is older and was the first soap Agnes [Nixon] created for ABC, because AMC has iconic characters played by people recognized outside of the soap world. One Life's problem is it never created those types of superstar characters. Moving AMC to LA will actually buy both soaps time."

Those in the know say an announcement from Brian Frons about AMC's potential move could come at any time.