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Tristan Rogers on GH's Ratings Dip: "A Real Quandary"

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Maverick General Hosptal star, Tristan Rogers(Robert) opens up to On Air On SoapsMichael Fairman about his alma mater's ratings slump:



What do you think of the declining ratings of GH, that is the talk of the soap world right now?

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I think General Hospital, of all the soaps, is in a real quandary because GH is constantly fighting its past, and in particular, it’s fighting its past now. It seems to suddenly have become a real issue. When I went back to the show in 2006 it was starting to bubble, and I don’t know if comments I made at the time helped it bubble up a bit hotter. But, I think what you have got now is an issue with the core body of fans. GH has a core body of fans that support it with whatever is happening. Now that core body of fans is deserting it, and when the last one turns off, that’s it. The new fans will not support it in a way that the older, foundational group will. I have been saying for sometime, “This is the group you have to have be supporting.” The show needs to try and maintain these fans and get that group solidified, and then go after the other groups. But, you must keep that fan base and foundation. When you have got no foundation, there is nothing to build on.

The man keeps it real! To hear what Rogers thinks about General Hosptal: Night Shift not being renewed click here.