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Days of Our Lives Daily Recap: Victor Questions Kate


On the docks, Sami runs into Meredith and asks her if they can talk. Meredith isn’t so sure, but Sami insists that they have loss in common and suggests it might help to talk. Meredith thinks that Sami wants to talk to her because after Emily’s death she found it easier to talk to strangers than people she was close to.


Meredith eventually sits down on the bench with Sami and opens up a bit about Emily. Meredith tells her how close she and Emily were and how even now she sometimes finds herself eager to tell Emily something before she remembers that she’s dead. Meredith says that they were so close until right before Emily died and that it all changed because of Rafe Hernandez.

Meredith admits that they all liked Rafe at first and that he was like someone out of a movie. Sami asks if he was the hero type and Meredith says he was. She adds that they all thought he would die for Emily, but instead she was the one who died. Then, Meredith gets too upset to talk about it any further and rushes off.

Over at the townhouse, Roman drops by to see Sami but when he finds she’s not there, he tells Rafe he’ll just talk to her later. Rafe asks him if he called earlier and Roman admits that he did. Rafe wonders why Sami lied to him and said it was a wrong number. He asks Roman if he has any idea why she would do that but Roman claims to have no idea. Rafe tells Roman that he’s acting like he’s worried about Sami and wants to know why. Roman tells him he’s jumping to conclusions and Rafe counters that Roman is hiding something.

Roman tells Rafe that he doesn’t have the right to know every detail of Sami’s life. Rafe points out that Sami is still reeling from all that she’s been going through lately and that could lead to her doing something impulsive. Roman tells him he knows that since she just moved in with her bodyguard. Rafe admits that he realizes that but he just wants to protect her. Rafe pleads with Roman to tell him what’s going on, but Roman refuses and leaves.

Rafe calls Caroline to see if Sami stopped by the pub but Caroline tells him that she never came by. Sami comes home and Rafe confronts her about not going to the pub. Sami covers and says she went to Lucas’ instead but he wasn’t there. Then Rafe informs her that Roman came by and they had an interesting conversation. Sami brushes off Roman dropping by and says that Roman is just worried about her. She heads off to check in on the twins and Rafe asks her why she’s lying to him.


At the police station, Bo and Hope escort Daniel into an interrogation room. Bo leaves and goes to his office while Hope interrogates Daniel. Daniel insists that he is innocent and that Kate is the one responsible for Chloe’s poisoning and is framing him for it. Hope keeps pointing out that the proof all points to Daniel and Daniel explains his case again and pleads for her to take a closer look at Kate and to keep her away from Chloe.

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Meanwhile, Abe shows up at the station demanding to know why Bo hasn’t arrested Daniel. Bo tells him that he isn’t so sure that Daniel did it. Abe says that with all the pressure they’re both under here he needs to trust the evidence more than his gut. A police officer interrupts them with forensics results which reveal that Daniel’s finger prints are the only ones on the vial of poison. Bo sighs. Abe tells him that even if he thinks Daniel is innocent, it doesn’t change what he needs to do right now.

The Hospital:

Victor arrives at the hospital and finds Kate there. He’s surprised to see her there and tries to get her to admit that she’s as thrilled as he is about Chloe’s condition. Kate mocks worry and Victor cracks jokes trying to get her to confess that she’s behind the poisoning. Kate all but comes out and admits that she’s behind it. Victor wonders why she would risk it since Lucas and the police would probably suspect her right away given her history with Lucas’ women. Kate says she has it covered. Victor wonders what she means by that but Kate changes the subject. Victor wonders how she’s going to deal with Lucas since he won’t be too happy she killed the woman he loves. Kate doesn’t seem too worried about it.

Later, Victor remembers that Kate never answered his question about how she covered herself. Just then, his phone rings and it’s Bo calling to inform him that Daniel’s about to be arrested for poisoning Kate. A fuming Victor closes his phone and tells Kate that he doesn’t care what she does to Chloe, but that Daniel’s family and that he won’t let her put the blame on him. She’s gone too far this time. Then, Lucas runs in wanting to know what’s going on. Victor asks if she’s going to tell him or should he.

Meanwhile in Chloe’s room, Nathan and Lexie discuss Chloe’s condition. Lexie says that Daniel’s antidote isn’t working anymore. It seems all it did was buy her some time. She admits it doesn’t look good for Chloe.

On the Next Days of Our Lives:

Bo tells Abe, “I care about finding out who poisoned Chloe, and it sure as hell wasn't the doc.”

Daniel pleads with Hope, “Watch her. You watch Kate very carefully, and then you can prove that it was her.”

Sami pleads with Rafe, “Come on, just tell me what happened--all of it!”

Just a few thoughts:

Okay, I’m not going to lie I found most of this episode boring. The only thing that drew me in was Victor and Kate’s conversation because Victor was totally mocking and making fun of the whole poisoning thing while he was trying to get her to confess. I think my favorite line was when he asked her, “Did you give Chloe a big, shiny red apple with arsenic in the center?” I swear there’s someone writing the scripts on this show who thinks the storylines are as ridiculous as most of us and they love to use Victor to express it. Their scenes also made me eager for Vivian’s return even more. I can’t wait for her to have scenes with these two!