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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Ok, after five intense days, back to back, of Claudia "trauma", today my feelings for her changed. Today, she went from grief stricken to blood thirsty, towards a brain injured teenage boy and that upset me a little. I got the grief and the need to "get" whoever did this to her, but I had expected a different reaction from her once she heard that it was Michael. I didn't expect her to continue to think that she could make Michael pay for what was essentially a bad accident. Granted, I'm still giving Sarah Brown kudos because she's still knocking this story out of the park, but my dislike for Claudia came back.


How is it that Johnny, who came to town jumping off buildings, is now the voice of reason in this town? I was glad he finally told someone about his secret and that Olivia pointed out to him that the hit was on Claudia's shoulders and not on his.

Speaking of Olivia, color me shocked when she walked into Kelly's and played along with Dante's story about being Dominic. Maybe I've missed the spoilers, but I thought she didn't know that side of him, so the fact that she does, makes me think more and more that Dante is working undercover for some agency.

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Kristina's starting to bug me (not the actress, I'm still digging her), but I'm tired of her constant yelling at Alexis. I'm not happy that she would let Michael hang out to dry for something that could very well be her fault. I found it interesting that she hid her presence from her father and I wondered if Kristina and Sonny actually shared a scene since she's been SORAS'ed.

I hate that Alexis is going to be blamed for this, when clearly she didn't do anything. I hated Carly when she was yelling at Alexis. Sorry honey, but you're hands aren't clean either.

I also found it interesting that despite Michael wanting to do the right thing, that everyone (Sonny, Carly, Jason, Edward) all want to work the system so that he gets off scot-free. Edward was the biggest hypocrite, since he threw out Sonny for being a criminal gangster. Yet, he is willing to help Michael, in a sense, follow in his footsteps.

I'm not looking forward to Michael and Kristina running away for the summer. Didn't I see that last summer, with Johnny and Lulu? Look how well that turned out.