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OLTL's Fath Sounds Off on Morasco Fiasco: "It's Been the Hardest Storyline of my Career"

One Life to Live's Farah Fath (Gigi)goes on the record with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, admitting she hates the Morasco Fiasco storyline revolving around She-Who-Ate-Llanview-With-Brian Frons'-Blessing aka Stacy (Crystal Hunt), just as much as the rest of us. She also reveals how she read on a lil' ol' website named Daytime Confidential how liquid hot Gigi's chemistry is with Schuyler (Scott Clifton)! Here's a sneak peek:


TVG: Let's talk about this Stacy mess/fiasco. How do you make a contrived storyline work when you don’t believe in the material?

FF: I haven’t gone on record yet to state how much I loathed that storyline.  This is not news to [head writer] Ron [Carlivati] and [executive producer] Frank [Valentini]. They saw right through me! They knew I was fed up. The most frustrating was that Rex and Gigi were so blatantly stupid. I knew the viewers would have the same reaction. I have enough experience to know what makes a good soap story, and this wasn’t it. You can’t piss off soap fans. Maybe for a few episodes, fine, but not for half of the entire year. There was nothing rootable about this storyline. It’s been the hardest storyline of my career. I did my best. Fans on the Internet could tell I was unhappy but I didn’t throw in the towel. That’s impossible, but there is only so much I can do. For the most part it was really hard. It got to the point when I got home I would just cry. I almost had a few nervous breakdowns! I couldn’t understand our characters’ motivation. It was great to have John-Paul there to be my rock and make me feel better because we were going through the same thing. “This too shall pass …,” he’d say to me. Rex took the most hits because of this story so I shouldn’t complain, really. It was sad because the 1968 storyline was our favourite story of our careers.

That Fath sure has good taste in soap opera websites!

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