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The Young and the Restless Daily Recap: Nikki Remembers on the Anniversary of Sabrina's Death!

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The spiderweb of Mary Jane drama continues on the One Year Anniversary of Sabrina's Death:

Victor was sitting alone in his office and picked up the picture of Sabrina that was on his desk, looking at it sadly. Nikki and Paul were at the coffee house talking about how it was the one year anniversary of the car accident that killed Sabrina and her unborn child. Nikki spoke of how many regrets she had for not listening to anybody about David and how it cost Sabrina her life and almost cost Nikki her own. She thanked Paul for being her saving grace saying she didn't know what she would have done without him. Paul reminded her everything that happened was David's fault not hers. Nikki said she told herself that over and over and hopefully someday she'd believe it.

Phyllis got a call that she needed to go into work. After the call she talked to Nick about whether or not to keep in the pictures of Summer in the magazine. Both of them agreed that they thought the pictures should stay in to show Summer the faith they had in her.

A delivery man showed up at Sharon's suite with a bunch of baby stuff from Fenmores. Outside Jack talked to the concierge about nobody knowing he had a room there and asked them to beef up security because of the Mary Jane situation. Sharon opened up the door and saw Jack in the hall and said the stuff he had sent over was too much and she needed space before shutting the door in his face.

Phyllis was on a call with someone at work obviously not confidant that they were handling everything ok. After she hung up Nick convinced her that he and Summer would be fine and so she left to go to the office.

Meanwhile Mary Jane remained hiding in the alley. Mac came by with some things for her. Mary Jane asked what she wanted and Mac said she just wanted to help her. Mary Jane refused to go to a shelter even with all the things Mac said to try and convince her to go. Mac introduced herself and asked for Mary Jane's name but she said it was none of her business. Mac told Mary Jane she could trust her but Mary Jane said she couldn't trust anyone.

Jack burst into Victor's office and Victor said he wanted to be left alone. But Jack said that was too bad flinging the doll with the missing eyes he found outside Sharon's room on the table and said it was pretty disturbing. Victor asked what it was and Jack told him it was found outside Sharon's room and after seeing the security footage they knew it was by Mary Jane. Jack told Victor she had to be stopped and Victor agreed. Jack took the blame on himself for bringing Mary Jane into their lives. Victor said no one had any way to know how delusional and insane Mary Jane would be. Jack asked if they had any bites on the reward offer. Victor said not yet but they uppped the security at the ranch. Jack said that wouldn't help Sharon and Victor suggested she move back there. Jack said that wasn't a good idea due to Nick being there. Jack said he got a suite down the hall from Sharon to keep an eye on her and could hire a bodyguard for her if it came down to that. Victor agreed that they should put everything aside and work together on this one.

Nick suggested he and Summer watch a movie and started going through what they had. Summer demanded they watch the wedding video of Nick and Phyllis' wedding and Nick gave in.

Phyllis ran into Paul and Nikki and thanked Nikki for getting the latest issue of Restless Style out. Nikki was happy to do it and asked how Summer was progressing. Phyllis said she was coming along very well and a specialist stopped by and confirmed it. Phyllis and Nikki took off and Paul got a call from someone wanting him to wait there for them.

Sharon spotted Phyllis in the coffee house and they had a bit of polite small talk. Phyllis mentioned she wasn't sure how she would have gotten through any of this without Nick's help and Sharon sadly said she was happy Phyllis had the support. Phyllis spotted a woman who from behind looked just like Mary Jane and attacked her but apologized when she saw it wasn't her. The woman was going to call the police but Sharon explained why she did that and calmed down the situation. Sharon told Phyllis maybe she should sit down but Phyllis kept calling herself an idiot and said she had to go be with Summer and left.

Jack showed up to meet with Paul and Jack asked him what he'd found about Mary Jane. Jack told Paul about the torn up baby doll left outside of Sharon's room and wanted to know what they found out. Paul said that no one at any of the companies on Mary Jane's resume recognized her at all. Paul did say he felt as if he'd met her before for some reason but didn't know why. He asked Jack if he'd had any similar reactions to her but Jack said before Billy hired her at Jabot he'd never seen that woman before in his life.

Mac continued to try and convince Mary Jane to go to a shelter but she told Mac to stop and leave her alone. Mac was starting to leave when Billy called to her on his way into the alley. Mary Jane heard his voice and hid. Billy asked her if she was free and she said she was done there. Something seemed off so she asked him what was going on. He said he had it out with Cane but didn't want to talk about it in the alley but would like to meet up with her at their favorite spot. Billy left and Mac told Mary Jane she could come out now. Mary Jane asked her if she really wanted to help her and Mac told her about when she ran away as a teenager. Mary Jane said she'd been so alone but Mac told her she wasn't alone anymore.

Phyllis got home and saw that Nick and Summer were watching the wedding video and it was the sixth time because Summer kept insisting on watching it.

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Sharon looked at a picture of Cassie and remembered back to her dream when Cassie said the baby girl she was talking about was Summer. She said to herself that it was like Cassie knew that Summer would need Nick the most and somehow she and her unborn baby would have to get along without him.

Mary Jane told Mac she was afraid if she went to the shelter that "he" would find her. Mac said they could go to the police but Mary Jane said she tried that and it made things worse. Mac told her she couldn't keep living in an alley but Mary Jane said she had no place to go. She said if there was someplace she could go for just a little while where she could eat and close her eyes then it would be better. Mac told her to come with her because she knew of a place no one would find her.

Paul and Jack asked Billy about hiring Mary Jane and Billy said it all checked out at the time. Jack said somebody obviously brought her here to infiltrate Jabot and wondered who she could be working for.

Victor flashed back to a conversations with Mary Jane about getting close to Jack and how it slowly fell apart. Nikki came in at the end of the flashback and said if he wanted her to go she would but she hoped he'd let her stay.

Nick, Phyllis, and Summer continued to watch their wedding video. Meanwhile Sharon watched her wedding video to Nick alone in her room.

Mac took Mary Jane to Jimmy's and said there was a storage room in the back where she could stay and promised she wouldn't tell anyone about her being there. Mary Jane hugged Mac and thanked her saying she owed her one.

Jack told Paul if he dropped all his other cases and worked on this one he would pay him double. Paul said that he was already working on it even though Victor wanted him to drop it. After Paul left Jack went over the details with Billy and came to the conclusion that Victor had to be behind it. Billy didn't buy it but Jack was determined. Billy asked him what he planned to do and Jack said he was going to find Mary Jane before Victor did and find out the truth behind what was really going on.

Nikki told Victor she couldn't even imagine how he must feel about what she did. He said it was behind them but she said there wasn't a day where she didn't regret letting David into her life and couldn't believe she went along with all his lies even though everyone warned her about it.

Lily and Cane reconnect:

Cane went to the Chancellor Estate and was met at the door by a very angry Billy. Billy told him there was no way he was going to let Cane worm his way back into his family. Cane said that Billy may not want him there but Jill and Katherine did. Billy said they didn't know what they wanted and Cane snapped yelling that Billy was the one showing disrespect. Billy raised his voice in return saying they were all messed up over Phillip coming back and Cane was just trying to take advantage of that. Cane said that the only dishonest thing he did was fake his identity but he never went after the family money and in fact he was the one they relied on because they knew if they relied on Billy he'd let them down so in that regard Cane was a better son to them then Billy ever would be.

In Lily's hospital room a priest showed up and she said she couldn't do this right now. He told her he knew she was suffering and wanted to push it away but that God would never give up on her. She said that she could never have children, and still had cancer which meant she had a better chance of dying then staying alive and had never felt more alone in her life. the Priest said she may feel that way but God would never leave her and she should look at the blessings he'd given her such as her family and friends, and her husband Cane. Lily told him her marriage was over the priest apologized but said that while he didn't know the issues he did see the love between them on their wedding day and said a love like that can get people through almost anything and said he honestly believed it could get her through this crisis if she'd only give it a chance.

Cane told Billy that he had everything he could ever ask for and yet continued to take it for granted and Cane didn't do that which was why Jill picked him over Billy and would continue to do so each and every time. Billy brought up Jill making him CEO of Jabot when she had control over it and Cane said that was all political and Billy was just a pawn. Billy asked him what he was talking about but Cane told him he'd have to ask Jill and then left to go to the hospital. 

The priest told Lily if she ever wanted to talk to him to tell the nurse and he'd be right there. Just as he was leaving Cane showed up and the priest said he was glad Cane was there because Lily really needed him. Cane said he wasn't sure she wanted him there but when the Priest told Lily he was there she said Cane was her husband so he could come in. Lily apologized and Cane told her she had nothing to be sorry for. She told him she couldn't have children and he said she was the only thing that mattered to him and the only thing that mattered was her being ok. Cane told her that during the surgery she was ovulating so they were able to take out and freeze two eggs so there was a chance for her to have the kids she wanted in the future.

Cane asked Lily if there was anything he could do for her and she said he was already doing it. She mentioned the laptop and movies and said they could watch one together even though she'd probably fall asleep part way through it. He said if she fell asleep then he'd be there when she woke up and all the way through unless she didn't want him to. Lily responded by telling him to stay.

(unfortunately my recording cut off after this point so any further scenes or previews unfortunately will be missing from this recap).