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Wishful Storytelling: JT Turns Out to be Nina's Long Lost Son on Y&R

Out of the tweets of fans. Who says Twitter is just a mindless waste of time created to suck the remaining milliseconds of creative time from our days? DC reader Ynroltljunkie tweeted me the most amazing storyline suggestion for The Young and the Restless. He wants reformed bad boy-turned-Mister Mom JT Helstrom (Thad Lunckinbill) to turn out to be the baby evil madam/black market baby broker Rose DeVille (the late Darlene Conley) stole from a teenaged Nina Webster (Tricia Cast)!  Ynroltljunkie I bow to the master, your suggestion is ingenious! Now let's see if I can flesh this puppy out a bit!

Thad Luckinbill

 Once upon a time, JT was an amazing character, then he was watered down by his marriage to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). This character deserves to be driving a storyline again. Learning his parents purchased him on the black market could be just the trick to make JT as viable as Billy (Billy Miller), Daniel (Michael Graziadei) or Kevin (Greg Rikaart) again.

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Y&R retconned JT's original backstory a few years back to make him look like some poor house husband married to the Newman heiress, but originally JT was written as coming from a wealthy family himself. He wasn't on scholarship at Walnut Academy like Raul (David Lago) for crying out in Clearasil Springs! 

Y&R could finally bring on JT's parents for the reveal that Mr. Helstrom bought him from Rose. The short term roles could be juicy, fun gigs for the right 50-something actors. I vote for Lane Davies (ex-Mason, Santa Barbara) as JT's dad, a white collar criminal whose been serving time in a Federal prison for running a crooked hedge fund, and Robin Mattson (ex-Gina, SB) as his booze hound mother, who sets her sights on Victor!

Just think of all the great flashbacks featuring Cast and the fabulous Conley Y&R could show! What's one more Bold and Beautiful actor among family soaps? Maybe Guiding Light's Kim Zimmer could come on as the late Rose's daughter, Blondie, who took over the business of running hookers and selling babies when her mama went home to meet her maker. What if Blondie is the only thing standing between Nina and the truth? Tricia Cast going head to head with Zimmer? Fuggedaboudit!

 Cast is fast becoming the heart, soul and voice of reason for Genoa City, so giving her another son would be a smart, smart move. How would Victoria react to learning her onetime rival for the affections of the late Ryan McNeil (Scott Reeves) and later Cole Howard (J. Eddie Peck) was her mother-in-law? I'm all for anything that gives the talented Luckinbill something more to do than powder Reed's bottom or walking Zapato! Now it's your turn. In the comments tell us your dream storyline for JT!