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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

Maybe I took too much sun while on holiday, but I’ve actually been interested in this car accident story. It has drama and angst. Despite involving the usual suspects and not letting others play (Liz/Lucky), I am quite enjoying it.


I wasn’t happy yesterday when Ethan, Rebecca and Spixie showed up. Spixie I can deal with as friends, but as a romantic couple, they just aren’t working for me. Now, he’s so obsessed with the marriage proposal, that it’s beginning to turn me off completely.

As for Rebecca and Ethan, do either of them have a fanbase? Does anyone care, beyond the fact that it does give us Monica, Tracy and Edward for short periods of time?

Laura Wright has helped me like Carly, but when she goes off on Alexis, it just makes me hate her again. Carly, thy name is hypocrite when you have the nerve to blast Alexis for killing Luis Alcazar in self defence while your ex-husband is a crime lord and your best friend is a professional killer.

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I’m hoping Jax realizes that Alexis was not the one responsible and that she’s covering for Kristina because I don’t want to spend months listening to Carly rant and rave at Alexis.

Am I supposed to care about Sonny’s pain? He’s constantly saying he’ll never give up the business, no matter what, yet he’s constantly hurting his family and then blaming himself. Ugh.

I was never a fan of JaSam’s and I would only tolerate them getting back together if Sam didn’t spend her entire time crying over him, but the two were quite cute together. I loved the ad-lib when Jason accidentally locked her out of the car and both of them started to giggle.

I know they have money trees in their backyard and hundred dollar bills falling out of their pockets, but really how are Kristina and Michael supposed to survive in the world? Two over-privileged teenagers who wouldn’t know a real job if it hit them in the head? Michael won’t be able to use the Corinthos name to get what he wants like he always does.

It's Interesting that one phone call to “Uncle Rudy” and Claudia has Jerry’s cell phone number when Jason and Sonny have been searching for him for months.