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Happy 25th Birthday Santa Barbara!

I am not worthy. I must abdicate my throne as the biggest Santa Barbara fan in soapyverse, because I planned all day yesterday to blog about the 25th anniversary of the best daytime soap opera ever, but with all the time I spend chronicling the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the current soaps on the air, I didn't get to do it before the clock struck midnight! So without further ado, happy happy birthday Santa Barbara! July 30, 1984 was the day daytime smartened up and got funny. God bless you Bridget and Jerome Dobson!

To this day I still mourn the loss of Eden, Cruz, CC, Sophia, Lionel, Augusta, Minx, Ted, Laken, Hayley, Lily Light,  Gina, Brandon, Santana, and of course Julia and all her Masons! Here are a few of Santa Barbara's greatest hits.

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