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The Young and the Restless Spoilers (Updated)

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Jack/Mary Jane: After finding out Sharon's baby is not his, Jack heads to Jimmy's for some liquid comfort with Billy in tow. Mary Jane still dressed as a homeless person, eavesdrops on their conversation hearing Jack declare to Billy he and Sharon are done. Mary Jane becomes elated with this news and starts to think she still has a chance with Jack. She slips a pill in Jack's drink and waits him for the effect to kick in on the sidelines. Jack chugs it all down oblivious of what Mary Jane has done. Once the drugs start to kick in, Billy chalks it up to Jack getting hammered and takes Jack home with Mary Jane closely following. Billy deposits Jack in the family room and leaves while Mary Jane breaks in.

She heads upstairs to take a shower and get cleaned up before she reveals herself to Jack. She returns wearing Sharon's robe and has her hair toweled, and when Jack sees Mary Jane he thinks she's Sharon! The family room is very dark and can't view Mary Jane very well, who keeps mum on who Jack's in company with. Jack and Mary Jane hit the couch and do the deed! Mary Jane thinks once Jack sees she loves him deeply, he will come around. Afterwards, Mary Jane leaves a knocked out Jack happy with her accomplishment. Later, a hazy Jack sees a letter Mary Jane left for him which is also being weighed down by a cat's paw! Jack's dumbfounded finding out he slept with Mary Jane and calls Paul about her being at his house, which has Paul hell bent on finding her. Mary Jane heads to Jimmy's and shocks Mac with her new demeanor from the "helpless" person she encountered. Mary Jane also brings a little present with her which has Mac wondering if she's lost a few marbles.......


Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: After renewing his vows with Phyllis, Nick heads off to tell Sharon. Sharon one ups Nick with the news of her break up with Jack, but still keeps mum on him being the father to her child. Jack and Phyllis also discuss his collapsed relationship with Sharon, prompting big red to be a bit worried Nick will run back to Sharon again. Sharon wants to stand on her own two feet and move forward with the focus on her baby. Sharon's attitude takes a turn when she heads over to the GCAC to attend Paul and Nikki's wedding rehearsal. Sharon sees everyone with a significant other and stars to grasp she's alone. When she sees Phyllis with her new wedding ring and the bliss both she and Nick are in, this makes Sharon realize she was right on not telling him the truth.

Sharon wants Nick to love her and only her, instead of both she and Phyllis. In her mind, Nick only wants her because he thought he was the father of her baby, by not telling him Sharon's letting Nick decide without the baby angle and feels she's getting his true intentions. Sharon also knows Nick had a heavy heart with leaving Summer especially when she got sick. A heartbroken Sharon decides to leave the wedding rehearsal by herself.

Paul/Nikki: Still harboring feelings for Victor, Nikki starts to have doubts on marrying Paul .She keeps trying to persuade herself a life with him is what she wants. Paul knows she's starting to have doubts and what its boiling up to. Paul is aware Nikki deciding to move on in her life is a huge choice and getting married is another one, but remains clueless she may want to call the wedding off. Lauren (say what ?!) becomes concerned when Paul lets her know Victor is the Nikki's life. He knows the history the two shared and isn't trying to compete with it and thinks he and Nikki can be happy since they love each other. As the wedding day approaches, Nikki runs into Victor and he starts to suspect she's having second thoughts. Victor tells Nikki she's not being fair to Paul if she has doubts on marrying him. She does love him but knows Victor is speaking the truth. Victoria also chimes in and echos her father's words.

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Later, Jack and Nikki talk which eases her fears when he tells her the love she shares with Paul is absolute and clear which has Nikki remembering the tumultuous side of her relationship with Victor. This makes Nikki realize she's right decision. When Paul gives her a gold pendant ice cream cone as a symbol of how they met, it has Nikki starting to question if she should marry him all over again. Nikki knows Paul's ready to get married and even though she's still flip-flopping, she tells him she's ready to get married and they go to their wedding rehearsal dinner. When he tells her he knows what huge decision she's making and he's grateful for such, Nikki tells him she can't marry him. At first Nikki's declaration shocks Paul, but he notices how troubled she is and doesn't want her to marry him with these thoughts clouding her head. Nikki tells him she wants to leave town for a bit to sort out her feelings but deep down she feels her thoughts won't disappear while Paul remains confident they can work through this hurdle.

She has a frightening fantasy.

Billy/Mac: Ms. Browning urges her beau to fill Chloe in on their relationship.

When the grand dame confides in Jill, take cover.

Neil/Tyra: he discloses his affections to her.

Father Todd:Corbin Bernsen comes back to attend onscreen brother Paul's wedding. While holding confession, he realizes who Mary Jane is when she comes into the confessional!

Adam: He has Ashley snowed into thinking she killed somoene...