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Y&R's John Driscoll, Like a Virgin

Michael Fairman chats with John Driscoll (Chance, The Young and the Restless) for his biweekly column Soapside. Here's a sneak peek at Driscoll weighing on his character's virginal status.


Recently we learned that Chance is a virgin and denied he was gay. Yup. He has never had sex with a girl. The character makes references as far as females go to say, "I have kissed a lot of girls. I just think I have not found the right one. I am sure she is out there." Driscoll weighs in on Chance’s virginal ways and if this could really mean something else. “Honestly, who knows? As of right now they are playing him as if he is not gay. At this point, Chloe [played by Elizabeth Hendrickson] is the object of his affection, and he is attracted to her. Chance respects her, and there is a spark and energy between them."

Hmm, I bet Driscoll does feel all shiny and new after escaping from Peapack! Check out the rest of Fairman's Soapside scoop here.

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