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Y&R's Driscoll Takes A "Chance" On Sexuality

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    Original:'s  Michael Fairman fills The Young and the Restless star John Driscoll (Chance) in on the Internet rumors swirling about his character's sexual preference. Driscoll finally lays to rest what his character's status is:


Your debut on Y&R was so highly anticipated. There were online rumors and reports about if your character was going to be gay or straight. Were you aware of this?

Yes. I was trying to do some homework before I started, and one of the websites said there might be a budding relationship between Mac, Chloe, and Rafe. And I said, "Rafe? What? That does not sound like a female’s name. This character has been gone such a long time they don’t know what his affiliation is. Is he gay? Is he straight? What’s the deal?" I thought, You know what? If it’s going to play that way, that’s OK. As an actor, you are always looking for the next challenge. I don’t find anything taboo behind it. I have played a gay character before on a short-lived show called The Book of Daniel with Aidan Quinn and Ellen Burstyn on NBC. I actually worked opposite Christian Campbell, formerly of All My Children, where he played Bobby Warner. We had this romance on the show, and if the show had not been canceled, you would have seen the budding relationship between our two characters. It was really funny doing double duty while I was doing Guiding Light. So during the day I was having bedroom sexual scenes with a female, and then at night on set in bed with a man. It was crazy. I needed a couple of drinks! [Laughs]

Fairman goes on to ask Driscoll point blank about Chance's sexuality:

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Can we at this point say that Chance is straight?

At this point, yes.

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