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Last Week's B&B: "I Now Pronounce You Man And... HORSE!"

The Tridge tots, AKA Thomas and Steffy, continued trying to keep Brooke away from their Ridge. They had all Brooke’s messages to Ridge forwarded to Steffy’s phone. When Stephanie found out she was thrilled that her grandkids were such schemers and told them to keep it secret.

Stephanie was officially welcomed to Jackie M with her own office. The whole Jackie M gang showed up for the shindig. Stephanie said she was no longer “Stephanie Forrester, I’m Stephanie. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Jackie and Stephanie had a moment and they both put the past aside, determined to enjoy their partnership.


You might have thrown me over a balcony

in the past, but welcome aboard Stephanie.

Owen showed some signs of jealousy as Jackie and Whip got closer at work. When Owen was out, Whip showed up with High Tea from Jackie’s favorite restaurant. He told her what she deserved – i.e. someone that had could appreciate her tastes and indulge them. Jackie and Owen or Jackie and Whip is fine with me, so I’m gonna sit back and enjoy this love triangle, if that’s where B&B is headed.

Donna dished that the wedding was the very next day. Katie encouraged Brooke to go after Ridge.

Seriously, I told the guys at the salon a LIGHT tan. Brooke, I'm orange.


Pam flirted with Clarke and picked up on his admiration for Sally Spectra. She showed up the next day wearing a red wig. It didn’t have the desired effect of Clarke.

Eric and Ridge expressed their surprise that Brooke wasn’t chasing him; then Ridge confessed that “he loved two women”. He had a few flashbacks to his time with both women. The big mystery is why do these two women keep throwing themselves at his feet?

Doc, I know you wanna nibble these off me, but I love Brooke too.


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To keep Brooke away from her parents’ wedding, Steffy (impersonating Ridge via text) told Brooke to wait in their “sacred place” on Malibu beach. Brooke dutifully obliged. After a while, she realised something was up and figured Taylor and Ridge may be getting married after all. She dialled Ridge’s number, but it went through to Steffy’s voicemail. Furious that she’d been duped by Steffy, Brooke set off on horseback to interrupt the wedding and claim back Ridge.

Bill and Katie had a brief interaction, and boy do I love those two. After endless tedious and drippy storylines, Heather Tom is giving off some serious sparks opposite her old Y&R chum. I want more, they’re really good together.


Give me a freakin' break! That ho and Mr Ed didn't just crash my wedding, did they?

As Brooke raced to stop the Tridge wedding, she fell off her horse. Dishevelled, but determined, Brooke got back in the saddle. Ridge and Taylor were finishing their vows when Brooke rocked up. The priest said, “I now pronounce you man and... HORSE!” as he saw Trigger (and Brooke) burst through the door. Brooke wasn’t about to let Taylor waltz off with the prize pig Ridge, so she said: “Hold it right there, Padre – there isn’t going to be a wedding today!”


Trigger was captivated by Ridge too.

Will they, won’t they? Tune in next week to find out. I'm away next week, but more B&B recaps soon (if I can stomach anymore Ridge-worship).