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Let the Guessing Begin: Who is Katherine's Daughter on Y&R?

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Jeanne Cooper was one of several The Young and the Restless stars who appeared at the Silver Star Casino. Before the appearance, she spoke with Our Prattville magazine's Melissa Parker and revealed this tidbit, which will keep Y&R fans guessing.

“You know, Jill is not my daughter. Well, we’re going to find out who really is my daughter… so start guessing!”

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She also had this to say about Eric Braeden and Victor Newman.

“You know that I’m richer than Eric Braeden… and I’m richer than Victor Newman!” When it was suggested that she could probably buy Genoa City, with a straight face, she replied, “I did!”

For a very long time I've suggested on the podcast–to the chagrin and horror of my Y&R watching co-hosts–that I wouldn't be surprised if one day Gloria Fisher (Judith Chapman) turned out to be Katherine's real daughter. After reading the quote from Cooper I can't help but hope that Katherine discovers Gloria, Michael and Kevin are family.

Gloria is the only character on canvas who appears to be the exact age as Jill, but if push came to shove the writers might be able to pass Nikki off as Katherine's daughter.

Who do you think is Katherine's daughter?