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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Since I didn’t get a chance to post on Friday, let me just make a few points about that episode before moving on.


First off, kudos to Nancy Lee Grahn. The absolute fear on Alexis’ face when she told Diane that Kristina was responsible for the accident, left goose bumps on my arms.

Also, glad to see Jax has enough fingers and toes to be able to add 2 plus 2 and come up with the correct answer. For a minute there, I didn’t think he’d realize that Alexis was covering for Kristina, since Mac and Lucky were clueless about the whole thing. I also liked that he told Carly, although I don’t expect to ever see it, I would love for Carly to acknowledge that the horrible things she said to and about Alexis were wrong.

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Now, onto today. I hate that they’ve lowered Lucky down to the gutter with Ethan. I get that it’s totally in character for Ethan to get into bar fights with strangers, but Lucky? Fighting with a guy who just happened to be playing pool with Lulu? I could understand if Dante had been harassing Lulu, either in the bar or on the docks, but he was being nice and Lulu didn’t seem to mind. I’m sure a cop, even one who’s off duty, can’t go around punching the crap out of people. Also, Ethan took offense because Dante works for Sonny, but that’s rather hypocritical, considering that Ethan is a con man who steals people’s petty cash whenever the mood strikes him.

Another one I found a little hypocritical was Mike. Him giving Sonny marital advice on staying with the wife and child seems a bit odd, coming from someone who left not one wife and child in his lifetime, but two.

I hate when Sonny gets all oily around a woman and tells her how she feels and what not. I was glad Olivia shut him down and threw him out. Let’s hope she can hang onto her convictions. I loved that Johnny went back to her place and by comparison, was so sweet to her.

I had to laugh at Claudia, still in the hospital. How many people on this show have had brain surgery and gotten out the next day?

JaSam, they’re cute, but the anvils were falling a little hard today, what with all the “I’ll go to Mexico and be fine” stuff that kept coming out of Sam’s mouth. Yeah, what are the odds that she’ll run into some problems over the border.