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Son Punches Father After Stealing Remote From Sister Watching A Soap Opera

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File this under the weird and wacky. According to the Des Moines Register, police have arrested Spencer Ling on the charge of domestic assault with injury after he punched his father, Bradley Ling, in an altercation over the family's remote control.


Spencer Ling reportedly walked into the living room where his sister, Taylor, was watching a soap opera. Spencer switched channels and carried the remote into his room.

Taylor became angry, followed him into his room and began searching for the remote. Police said Spencer called his father, and the three became involved in an altercation.

Officers spoke with all three family members and concluded that Spencer committed an assault.

Unfortunately, the Des Moines Register does not include which soap opera the sister was watching in their report so I'll let you speculate which it might have been.

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